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  1. Update: Talking Island server
  2. WTT ITENS ON NAIA FOR ITENS/ADENA ON ANY CLASSIC SERVER Now have: Valakas neck Anty earr Baium soul/QA soul Orfen soul Venir 16 Abundance LVL 1 PVE belt Istina under Dark weapon stone x2 And minor itens
  3. Developers and all the technical staff, please, the same genius you had in developing this game has been missing for some time. I will not go down to major details or minor problems, but will deal with a one-time issue that is hurting many, namely the great difficulty of finding level zones free from macros or bots. I mention specifying Blazing Swamp, which remains with the same problem as the Hellbound zones were, the overpopulation in very tiny zones. The world of Lineage 2 is extremely large, far too much for normal MMO standards, so why underuse very u
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