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  1. ERROR Your purchase could not be completed at this time. Please contact Support for assistance. Error: PGP99150 always same error
  2. The summoners botting are in all the spots, u can see them from lvl 20 top 70+ in solo mobbing spots where the mobs are weak, only for the adena.
  3. the clan coins cant be used, the npcs have not any more the option to use clan coins.
  4. Without automacro nobody can do afk farm or live farm alone, with all boxes keep the follow and assisting, has no sense to play classic in this new mod. Only bots will farm, and the rest can only mob 1 by 1
  5. there is an issue in giran siege. the guards do not attack summons. If lot of summoner go to castle they can kill all guards without any response.
  6. pk chars no drop anymore? what were u thinking? it was the only reason to not pk everyone. So now its no realy any penalization for pk and they can equip a pk char with all items....
  7. hi, how do i change a sword to ancient sword or one handed sword to rapier?
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