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  1. As the soulshot in the grid, d, c, b, a, s no longer make sense to have in the game, they should take them out and leave only soulshot R, ai I would put to sell soulshot colors by nccoin, like a color title only from soulshot, like who wanted to have the soulshot with the color blue bought, so you would choose the color of your soulshot.
  2. appearance system

    Appearance should be 1 item only, example "Dinasty Appearance Set", so you would equip this item and cover the main set, so we could collect look, or sell the set without selling the look.
  3. l2 store system

    Since the low grade sets are just for looks, they should put them up for purchase at the l2 store, they could also put mounts, head accessories, and more beautyful shop appearances, and increase the price, so they would make a big profit without having to pack items with them. statuses that give donaters advantages, so people wouldn't be discouraged from playing, putting on changing cover looks and stuff.
  4. Mentor system

    With this new update is rising very fast to level 85, people no longer need mentor, they should extend the mentor level to 99 or 100.
  5. Crafter system

    The crafter system is a bit pointless, they should change, for example: the soulshot no longer sells because it has several quests that provide a large amount, the equips come out cheaper you buy a ready than crafting the item, something else nonsense is if you've read a recipe which is meaningful except to hurt the crafter himself from needing another recipe to craft the item, and should put more items like potions and other things to craft.
  6. Lineage 2 has become a game where you are obligated to pay, or kill yourself to create several characters to make little adena, made the crafters unusable or even more adena, the clans now you have to level alone because people already want enter the strongest clans because of buffs and other privileges, the mentor system no longer makes sense, lineage has become a game where gameplay makes no sense but the only thing you need to have is money and pay, or create 10 characters or more to level up and make money, instead of creating new looks, new hair accessories, mounts, no, puts buffs that only pay can have, teams that give donater status nonsense. OR LINEAGE 2 HAS BEEN A illegal server.
  7. some disappointments of lineage 2.