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  1. @Juji @HimeWhy does the support team take so long to solve problems that they themselves have? 1 day and nothing my prestige rune continues to count .... the service has already brought so many headaches, and the support can't solve a simple problem, so we have to keep using the forum. pulp the people of this work.
  2. the delay still exists but little but still there eagerly awaiting the work of the whole team translated by Google
  3. The atk speed bug still present you will remove more to try and resolve and will not give anything in return is difficult we are 3 weeks without being able to play there give you a pack of 15 hours only change nothing fair 3 weeks for 15 hours here comes the event of xp and the service has the same problems only with less frequency, I hope you think a little in the players translate for google =)
  4. @JujiIn addition to the event will there be any compensation pack as you said?
  5. @Hime Disables the 2 new feature implemented ranking manner mode give a restart does not fit and test. as there is no server test ... and we are the same ones. WORST THIS IS NOT.
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