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  1. since the dimensional rift was taken out this update. (RIP 100-day quest progress) i did not see that these two items were listed to be removed and obsoleted in the patch notes -superior giant's codex chapter 1 - Fragment- or -rune stone fragment- if they are not being removed. Haven't gotten to a very high level to know if there is somewhere else to obtain and exchange these items. can anyone confirm?
  2. is this an old account? some recipes were obsoleted... or your dwarf crafting level is not high enough for the recipe you want to register
  3. are you asking what the purpose is of why people play video games? to enjoy? or to what the end functions are of an mmo...? pvp - castle control - pvp
  4. To quote the patch notes if the buffs are not applied instantly in real-time time why do we need to verify our ego every system cycle what are position number is other than to lag servers? I would be just fine knowing my position number for the day when the buffs are applied... the sort algorithm to maintain that database in live-time throughout the day must be putting some serious load on the chipsets, let alone the need to update the client UI also in real-time of that live database
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