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  1. Oh, ok, thanks. I saw some bad things already after posting my question. I did play a bit and I saw those bot trains. It's funny how they still can't eliminate the bot problem even after so many years. But I'm still confused what happened though? Cuz I found out about Lineage 2 Classic by seeing this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GR_c6i9mfNo And I thought to myself wow the game I used to love and play all the time is finally back again! But then I played it, and it is so different from the video. How come? Why did they change it?
  2. I can't find anywhere how to play Classic? In the website where it says either "play free now" or "download now" it take me to download NCSoft Launcher. I download that, but there is nowhere to play Lineage2 classic. I try install Lineage2, and I start the game, but there is still not option for classic. There is "Classic Server' when I start Lineage2, but I know it is wrong, because there is things like AutoHunt, and some quests where I was lvl 15 in like 1 minute of playing, free teleporting all over the place. Where do I go to play Lineage 2 classic?
  3. Hi All, Long time L2 player. I used to play from Prelude all the way to C3. I think I came back for another try after that on Interlude, but quit back then. Anyway, really great to see a classic version of the game, really excited to play again! I wanted to ask first, what classes are good in parties? Are tank classes useful at all? I remember back when I was first playing, the only classes I played were archers and daggers, but I want to try playing something a bit more group supportive now. I think even during Interlude I already saw some groups using tanks for rounding up mob
  4. Thanks! That's what I wanted. Too bad the website doesn't provide it anymore. I see that some stuff on the wiki is outdated? Like it still has information about Shadow Weapons which I know don't exist anymore. So does it mean skills info is also outdated?
  5. A long time ago, Lineage2.com website would show all the skills that each class got at each level, but now it only has a simplified class view like this http://www.lineage2.com/en/game/classes/wizard.php Is there some place I can see what skills each class gets?
  6. Hm, I see, interesting. I just read up on "awakening", this is something new. They basically streamlined the classes it looks like. What about crafting then? Do things still get crafted at high level, or is it mostly from quests? I think last time I played the top-tier gear was from very difficult quests. I want to make a spoiler, but is there any point to it still?
  7. I haven't played from around the C4-Interlude time, and want to figure out how much has changed. I remember that Overlord was king for Siege buffs, and WC was the best overall for group buffs. An SE was a better choice for mages cause it also acted as a mana battery. Is this still the case? OL were very popular back then, you could find a clan easily. Also I remember Necromancers were king of PVP Casters due to the debuffs/stuns they had, but it was pretty expensive to level them if you didn't want to spend in fortune on cursed bones, and their summons weren't very good. Whereas the
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