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  1. DeBuff on mobs and players

    Quick question: Being able to see the debuffs again has easily been one of the TOP 3 REQUESTS from players asking to "PLEASE FIX". How are you simultaneously also saying that the developers have listened to our suggestions with the last update?
  2. This company is toxic, and does nothing but milk and lie to us. I'll still keep playing though
  3. So no fix to the macro system and you create a 7 toon login limit!? So now i have to waste a login on a toon to anchor. You all just keep making this server great for bots eh?
  4. #Event settings

    Yes please. I agree that it should be extended. One more week would be nice 😊
  5. Dev request list?

    Wow Beppler, you don't understand much do you? OP said BUFF cancel is NOT working, BUT DEBUFF cleanse IS Working.
  6. So no more Silver Coin?

    Are you saying the devs haven't earned our blind trust by now?
  7. @HimeDid we ever get an answer from devs about permanent-red pkers being able to 'revenge teleport'?
  8. Fix Event

    "debuffs not displaying on monsters was INTENDED according to the Dev team" I'm speechless...
  9. They only care or try to communicate with the community when they think their jobs might be in trouble. Notice how they actually did their jobs for once when people were leaving game over the macro loop removal. Then we all kneel and kiss their feet because they put forth a minimal amount of effort for once...
  10. How to get Adena? (serious question)

    When they changed Ruins Of Agony into an adena bot farmers paradise, rapid inflation followed. NC simply just doesn't care. I feel like there is a teachable moment for other companies if they were to study this extremely mismanaged game.
  11. Aren't pony summoners great? It's almost like they have changed the entire game for the worse...
  12. PONIES!

    For the love of god do something about them, how many more people need to complain!? There are thousands of them picking the mobs clean. Among other issues PLEASE
  13. Personal ID Number!

    They won't do anything about bots unless they're VIP 0. It's part of how they make their profit.
  14. Adena Talismans / Hats

    LOL? Are you making a joke? All their P2W events are planned and deviously calculated to give us minimal information. Odds shown for events are usually, HIGH, LOW, VERY LOW etc. They know that if they showed that "VERY LOW" basically means 0.01% probability that we would spend less money. This company is as crooked as they come, and they have clearly done their research on how to keep a potential gambling addicted person hooked.

    I agree, the letter collect event actually has merit.