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  1. They will not be taken out, just would not work on Awakened toons. If you have one single melody they should not work thats what I could understand from some reading can be wrong tho!
  2. If you have Chaos on the loop of debuffs I would suggest to remove it, the boost it gives in your dmg is not better than the time you take to go CH! Aquamarine continuous attack (prophet has mana regen when hitting also looks like this regen works better when hands of ein are up) + aqua 3 should keep your mana up with the help of meditation while poly... I dont use poly for mana but I can keep mana until end just by poping 2 pots during all K99 and using chaos all the way.
  3. Must agree with KtP on this one, Degus and his m8s always were up to fight as far as i remember.
  4. LOL! Hands you surely have and they go along with your big mouth for sure, Skills to understand the game? Sorry! you far from it!
  5. Hello, First post... just to stretch one point... I see a lot of q.q about fragments on Freya bags and that server is dead bla bla bla bla... I agree looks like a bad move, now I would like to see/know how many Freya bags this same players qqing will open during event expecting a dragon fragment... LOL! GL
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