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  1. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

    It is sooooooooooooooo funny to see so many DH crying about introducing the dragon fragments. Even mighty QQtor or mighty Dudot took some time from theyr busy lives to post about that. Why u cry DH so much? Lets not forget that Dh broke the naia server when they wanted to control everything manipulating the small errors of the game for theyr own good.( entering dragons while being dead and many many more lame tactics just like that).U DH guys broke the naia server and now u complain? I understand that for u the L2 is a way to make money because u sell adena and game items ( I have some print screens from dh forums where u can see some dudes from dh selling adena and items for $...…"cake" for example but there are others too).U made this game dead on naia because for u is a bussines but u didn't took in consideration that ppl are not so stupid and that u will not be able to milk them for so long.Now u will not be able to sell dragon weapons anymore for $ (like u did with that antharas buster......8k $ a year ago). Lol QQtor u don't care about new ppl ( maybe just for selling them adena and items for $). Imo is a very good bussines decision from NCsoft…….let more ppl have dragon weapons.....I hope they will put dragon claws in store promos also.Why not? this way we will have more pvp more competition and something more to do(gathering materials to upgrade the weapons).