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  1. Wow BIG SPENDER. You can make 225 trillion a day. Nice!
  2. Doubt it gonna happen, it's been like this for years. New players cannot catch up with the crazy price in server, how to Siege.
  3. Was about to buy the R110 +12 Bloody retributer (3SA), usually at around 80-90bil. Now it's like 170bil - 200bil....... gonna boycott this nonsense. Better back to using exalted weapon... not worth dumping adena into this crap.
  4. Same problem. I just posted that there's no lag and dc..... NCSOFT looking at it now?
  6. It's more of a joke, when the coin is selling for 21mil... lol Previous event only 7-8mil.......
  7. Suddenly CHRONOS is un-playable. Mass DC and lag again and again.
  8. Save $ to buy the R99 (+8) or (+10) Set is way better, whether Dark or Bloody Set. This NEW Blessed Exalted is only good for your box toon.
  9. Greedy Treasure Chest is for only 2 group of players, so 99% of population can only dream. 1) Top players which can kill fast 2) Players who can log in 30 - 100 of toons to spy for it.
  10. REMOVE the useless MENTOR System. It will fix 90% of the server issue. There are many ways and mechanism to introduce for this. Not getting everyone to hog the server by logging thousand of mentees.
  11. Seriously I think this system need to be scrap. It only serve to make the server populations looks healthy (Of course it hog the system resources as well). 99% of the player do the mentees themselve to get scroll.. what's the point? Dunno why this mentor system still there after so many years.
  12. Tried with few computer/laptop/mobilephone/tablet, from office and home. Tried few browser, all cannot work.
  13. Wow NCSOFT took 2 years to fix this problem. Now server is really smooth. Hopefully more players join this game. AND NCSOFT, please fix the NEW ACCOUNT CREATION problem. New players can't join the game.
  14. I strongly believe this is one of the programming or alogrithm gone wrong somewhere in the game during new changes or expansion. Bug is hidden somewhere, just need the developer to find it.
  15. This issue already been more than 2 years. Till now I only have 2 account since the start when I join this game. I also have the same error.. last try is like 2mths ago. I already gave up on this..... simple basic stuff not working.
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