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  1. Oh man.. not only i have this 2 error. Some program I try to run also stopped working... like printer software... etc Software has stopped working... Utility has stopped working... Windows Processor has stopped working... Seriously................what the patch done to my OS????
  2. Dun really see the point of having another new server. It will all go back to square one. Just like what happen to Classic. After few months, everyone will come back to LIVE server again (Chronos / Naia). Waste of time/effort/money doing anything over there.
  3. Toons dc. Try log in few times, then can go in. And it just lag there. 5mins later dc. Server still alive? Even official forum takes a long time to go in...
  4. Yes agree, at CHRONO; Average price for R99 +12 weapon should be around 28-32b depending on SA. Well, there are actually someone selling R99 +15 weapon for 95bil. Lolz!
  5. Wow, a trend after Cloak? Now all the weapon price for R99 almost double? Who willing to pay 45b-50b for a R99 +12 weapon? NCSOFT need to fix this game issue.. everything is "Short"
  6. Anyone know exactly what weapon can Sayha Seer use? It got a passive weapon skill for blunt (Blunt weapon mastery), but the given weapon is Retributer (2-handed Staff) Really confusing..... Can It use Buster (1-handed magic sword) or caster (1-handed staff)? If I use this 2 weapon, I wont get the passive for >> (Blunt weapon mastery)?
  7. Anyone able to fix this issue? Any advice? Been a long while. I still can't create any account at all. In fact I have use mobile, tablet, laptop and PC. None of them works. Tried all method from NCSOFT ... still not working Use a different Internet browser > Tried a few type, not working Make sure that Javascript is enabled (Enabled, not working) If you are using a VPN/proxy, disable the service (Not using any) Verify that the device timezone is properly set for your location (Timezone and time is correct)
  8. Guy's, SAYHA class is so bad? Can't kill at all? Or It just so weak that nobody play? I dun see any such class in any party. Dead class? Thought of trying out, not sure whether worth the effort.
  9. 1st of all , FINALLY NCSOFT got it right. No more LAG, No more DC. The game is tip top smooth. Alot of my frens and clannies are back in game playing again after months or even years after quitting Lineage2. Since physical/hardware issue is fix, can we have add-on to the content of the game? The current situation is pretty stale, dun see much MASSIVE rewarding DAILY QUEST, which pull players together to have fun. I'm sure this will help NCSOFT generate more revenue, if there are more PULL Factors to log into the game.
  10. Did a quick reboot on laptop. But seems that the launcher got some issue, it simply hanging there.
  11. Wow BIG SPENDER. You can make 225 trillion a day. Nice!
  12. Doubt it gonna happen, it's been like this for years. New players cannot catch up with the crazy price in server, how to Siege.
  13. Was about to buy the R110 +12 Bloody retributer (3SA), usually at around 80-90bil. Now it's like 170bil - 200bil....... gonna boycott this nonsense. Better back to using exalted weapon... not worth dumping adena into this crap.
  14. Same problem. I just posted that there's no lag and dc..... NCSOFT looking at it now?
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