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  1. Hi, Anyone know whether it can be traded? Thanks!
  2. Lineage2: Broken System??!!

    A very good valid point raised by TheRaTank. Been wondering why the developer is breaking up a good game. Been in this game for 8 years.. always been enjoying the siege. Why change the Siege timing? Yes, I understand it have been changed a few times before. But the current Siege time is way out for me. And Yes... its simply dumb to alter the BASIC skill system. U need tons of $ and times to learn skill. I want to laugh at Nymphadorae comments. U new to this game?
  3. Another Pay-To-Win item. All the Big-Pocket Players gonna get more top gear again.
  4. Dun understand the logic that letters cannot be trade. Intended or a programming error? NCSOFT may want to advise. It's really tough to form a set of letters even if you macro whole day.
  5. Where to find Clan members for party? Almost 3/4 of the clan left the game after this No-Limit client implemention. CP...no one left since everyone is doing Macro. U dun even see anyone in Party matching forming party.
  6. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Please revert back the client to 3 max. Unlimited-client is just nonsense. No party to get in. No on joining any party.
  7. This unlimited-client macro is killing the game. Basically everyone is doing the macro. Party matching is as good as dead. No one forming any party. 3-Client is really not too bad. But this unlimited client is just too much. More than half of my clan left the game because of this macro thingy. Ncsoft trying to kick everyone out of this game??