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  1. just a fyi, FS wasn't signed for any castle, hence the harass then pr to not waste x for nothing.
  2. lol I remember those days when we would trail train bots with a EE using the old skill to lose aggro that they had
  3. I know it's been discussed by players old school and new mainly old school who started in beta, c1, c2, c3 etc. It would be awesome and I'm sure you have all that's required to add another server, starting pre-god. I'm sure it would be popular and you could build a l2 store around old school gameplay, gear, crafting and events.
  4. any hint as to when they cloak event will start? i assume next week, but always hoping to dump some money this week for it.
  5. now you've invested so much into this fraud, you screwed yourself in the process. maybe should have waited a few weeks more before gloating about how you cheated the system, and maybe no one would have noticed, but your too much a braggard for that
  6. you got over and thought you were good, people were petitioning it for weeks they finally admitted the mistake, you thought you were clear and got over. no different from someone robbing a store then coming back to spend the money when the owners of the store didnt know they were cheated yet.
  7. you decided to click prior to libra, not anyone else and the gm should not have changed anything which is what they announced earlier, it was a mistake to help you get one over. they fixed it.
  8. you knew the red libra event was coming, i call bs, you didnt know the exact date but you clicked after they announced it was coming, and unless your a fool, i dont think one of the strongest players on the server wouldnt read the announcements. btw this one was May 31 ANNOUNCEMENTS June 2018 Preview Announcements | May 31, 2018 All News Announcements Community Contests Events Maintenance Press Store Promos Experience Path to Awakening
  9. so you circumvented the system, got help from gm's in it, got called out on it bring BS, then they fixed their screw up, and its their fault, not yours. its no different than you getting banned for botting/scripting on zaken, you thought you could buy your way out. people like you are why this game has lost so many "good" people who wanted to play. cheat and then cry about it, i hope you get a good lawyer, and they bring up the old stuff in court too. qqmore
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