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  1. Tank Nix 104 lf cp

    I'm Tank 104 lf cp Starting game 8pm gmt +1 Eternal +10 abundance lv 1 and raid boss jewel the most notable things. pve pvp oriented pm me or in game for more detail.
  2. Tank Phoenix LV 103 whit eternal +10 I'm lf cp PVE/PVP oriented for instances and faction starting hour 9 pm Gmt +1 Contact me here or pm Grecus in-game
  3. CP looking for members

    hello ar eyou still lf a tank im a 103 nix +10 eternal
  4. NIx knight lv 103 dual iss muse 100 eternal +10 lf cp starter game time 21 pm gmt+0 lf cp pvp /pve pm me here or in game Grecus