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  1. thnxs for ansver next time i know how much to delevel
  2. Hello i have deleveled 50 to 46 i have lost 50lvl skills will i need use sp to learn them again?
  3. some ppls take it as a job but some just a game
  4. i know that but did u see any siege atm? i quit this game again couse from december had 0 pvp here only 1 pk couse macro took my spot. and do u see anyone conquering with u for sieges, raids i dont know about this havent seen a long time.i hope so u clan can do something to fix this game. some ppls cant get to high end content but still; want to play but as u see its geting bigger and bigger diference betweeen players top and not, just think about it would u be happy to leting 100 200 ppls to fight for a castle? make events u clan owns u can do this
  5. dudot but is is mart to hold all castles and dont lety lower players play? as i noticed there is no gms u clan owning a server why u wont make any events?
  6. it was on c4 times its posible i know couple who play 24/7 one sleep another play nothing is imposible as u see its hapening
  7. some ppls have no life i was same as u mentioned one i have missed 1 year school couse rb spawned in mornings dont be jelous to him. i thougt i was cool couse could do that but wait i missed my life !!
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