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  1. @Hime @Juji with all the money you all obtain from this Halloween event, please fix this damn Melee lag. It's horrible most of the time. You say you "upgraded" but this is a complete downgrade. Fix your ****.
  2. Get the koreans in to fix the game @Juji. NCWEST is trash.
  3. Hello All! Hope all are well during this hectic time! So I have recently acquired the Luminous Juju Homu and absolutely love it! I am having an absolute hard time with when my vitality does recover (Which I am NOT complaining about) the messages to move upwards and create it extremely difficult to have any type of conversation with anyone unless its a direct DM box. If we could please eliminate or somehow be given a flashing prompt when Juju has activated Vitality recover? P.S. I don't know how to add a photo either So if anyone understands what I mean please help! ^^ -LilaWind <
  4. I agree! We should be given the chance to receive our "actually" reward instead of the mess after the "update". It is truly pathetic in my opinion. Especially the time folks have lost from XP runes and other time counted items. We should be given more than this silly cat unless it gives us the highest level Sayha buffs and to be able to receive unlimited amount of buffs and not restricted to the amount per day.
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