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  1. Very clever...Everyone quitting and make an event where people are required to log in all their boxes. 400 people x7 boxes = voila! Healthy server again
  2. And where did you buy the adena from? Sure as hell didn't farm it
  3. It's Happening!

    Servers getting close to live population. Very funny looking at Aden and Gludio population but same amount of mobs spawned as TI and Giran
  4. Would be a shame if we introduced P2W
  5. P2W = Spend thousands to overpower your character.
  6. You have no Guts to Quit

    No, think we're gonna overenchant until everything blows up. Burn it to the ground
  7. You have no Guts to Quit

    God you're dumb. You realize there are 3 groups of people playing Classic. 1) People who left retail because of the 1000s of dollars required to be competitive. - You think they dumb enough to spend 1000s again on Classic? 2) Players who quit prior to the GOD release because they foresaw the P2W - They weren't fooled before 3) Botters and RMTrs who do this to make money - Will stay as long as there is positive cash flow
  8. The Whales and RMTrs can all circle jerk and PvP themselves.
  9. Discussions are being made from many different clans on what game to play next. Many of us quit prior to the GOD update years ago and came back in OCT for classic. It won't be that hard to quit again. It was nice seeing names that you haven't seen since C3-C4. There will be a drop in server population - http://l2.laby.fr/status/
  10. Thanks for don't listen us.

    A lot of people left retail because of that BS.
  11. What boggles my mind is that these mentally handicapped people at NCSOFT cannot fathom that a lot of people left live to come to classic because of these p2w shenanigans. And many players (myself included) came back after quitting prior to the GOD update in the hopes that this would be a clean server. Well I hope to see the server population dwindle and all the Whales and RMtrs can go circle jerk with themselves.
  12. Super Bowl Sunday sieges

    Hime and Juji have a Superbowl party to attend to with RL friends while you guys just have the TV on, alone in your room, siegeing
  13. Archer Server

    I say they should nerf CDL.
  14. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/15

    What a joke of a company. Game has been out for over a decade and they still have these simple problems. You have interns working your infrastructure over there in Texas?
  15. Unpopular Opinion: This is fine.

    This is what non-pay to win looks like. I know you've been spoiled from years of buying game breaking items from the L2 store. Your money can't help you in classic.