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  1. Compensation?

    Well ticket didn't helped...
  2. R99 Weapon upgrade

    Hello, What is the cheapest way: 1. have r99 bloody wep ->make R99 weapon blessed -> exchange to krishna -> exchange to enhanced -> make bloody 2. have r99 bloody wep -> exchange to krishna bloody Is this L2 wiki info correct?
  3. Compensation?

    I think there are many ways to address this issue. Remove existing runes, compensate with brand new ones? Of curse if this issue persists for more than 1 month - that should be taken in to the account.
  4. Compensation?

    Hello, I see Lineage2 as a business like any other, and as a costumer of this business i feel entitled for a compensation. I spend my hard earn money to buy prestige packs, destiny packs and etc.. I understand, sometimes life happens and plans go not where and how you want them to go, servers get old, they break, but never the less business is business. I feel it would be fair to receive bonus time for timed items (bloody, xp, drop runes and etc...) for the same time as mob reduction/ time stone removal. Best Regards, Taftarat.
  5. Either it will disrupt economy or someone is lazy...
  6. No lag here, and im from europe, check your ISP for issues.
  7. iv been in such situations where my actions had impact on many people, and i can understand them not replying to every question, it usually takes more time than actually fixing/doing something, and it evolves in to discussions that takes even more time....
  8. I think they are testing, so it is unlikely you well get a straight answer.
  9. Keep up the good work! Love this game! Will collected letters disappear after event ends?
  10. WTB Elmore, Eternal Bloody

  11. WTB Elmore, Eternal Bloody

    WTB Elmore +10 + crit dmg aug WTB Eternal Bloody Leather/Heawy +8 Armor PM/Mail Taftarat
  12. Quest bug "The Varka Silenos Supporters"

    Tried everything - had to cancel and redo the quest.
  13. Hello, i have gathered all the necessary quest items, but quest would not end. Help please. I really do not want to cancel and repeat it....