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  1. How is it possible not to fix melee lag in more than a year?? It sounds like you have political issues....
  2. where is the clarity in the actions?

    Team is so useless they cant even see a bug when i film and send it to them....
  3. PlundersPlain #nerfe

    I have canceled my 2 subscriptions.
  4. Can you please make Dragon's Breaths tradable.
  5. Tyrr Dread 110 Amazing Exping!

    your message is in conflict with your name!
  6. where do you get this info from?
  7. Extreme low Rates on suspicious box

    thats why casinos and lottery still exists
  8. well if they have set next target to taunt - it is a prob.
  9. Tyrr Dread 110 Amazing Exping!

    i would not say its a huge boost. You get 50-60% more exp with 1000% more gear
  10. Tyrr Dread 110 Amazing Exping!

    Soooo how much exp you get per h in storm? With ~800% i get ~ 80tril/h and my gear is ~ 250b 110lvl and my build is only for p crit dmg.
  11. Extend the Rim Kamaloka Event

    Stop the QQ, if you are support and dont have some dd dual - uninstall L2.
  12. In official server aka "Korean" they solved this prob by kicking everyone out when SOS starts, so they dont have afk macro standing there 24/7
  13. Dread issue - do you have it?

    Actually i love devs reply: its eather: A. they are making fun of me B. have no knowledge how game works
  14. Dread issue - do you have it?

    Actually size doesnt matter - if i get less mobs, i can aoe them with no prob - doesnt matter what size are they, but if i agro 10+ then this issue appears.
  15. Dread issue - do you have it?

    Hello, Have made a ticket for this issue, but was offered to create a discussion here... Anywayzz any other dreads noticed when pulling larger groups and killing them last few mobs cant be aoed? See video, look at last 2 mobs, they dont get hit when attacking other mobs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eALMoBgfkfc