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  1. Not sure whats the big deal about MS owning the servers. Last 16 to 17 years, many clans done that... ICA, Catalyst, NOVA....etc My clan even own castle (Just a few times) in a few of this choronicle. Well, NOVA left the games... MS begin to take over control... really a big achievement for MS??!! Infact, out of those clan who owns the server. ICA, Catalyst & NOVA...etc, still have the best players. Tis BIG clan got alot of nice players who go around helping out the rest of the server communities. Help you complete quest, rez you...etc etc BUT this MS???? Ta
  2. Appreciate if anyone can advise where to XP with a party of 3 with decent Gear (ISS and 2 DD)?
  3. After 2 days of stable connection. It came back again...... past 4 hrs disconnection...disconnection....disconnection....disconnection,
  4. Disconnected during game. Now cannot launch. Unable to connect to update server.
  5. Usually I see Feoh roll over Archer. Actually Evi is a really good PVP as well. Sometime you dun even get to target them, and you are dead.
  6. Lvl 1 to Lvl 105 in 2 days? Serious? How you do it?
  7. The place does not have any NPC. No quest at all? Anyone know?
  8. The description said can be exchange for a Elcyum Crystal at WareHouse keeper. But I dun see any option to change it in any town. A bug?
  9. 3 of my frens who already spent more than $3-4K, left after the Un-Limited client. They dun see the point of paying USD$100-USD$200 to get Rune and Promo items for such an old games. In the end not getting/finding any parties to clear daily quest. Just not everyone willing to spend the time and effort to macro a whole party. Many working adult just log in play to destress and log out.
  10. Well, after the change. Clearly you see more parties setting up. Which is a good sign. If really need to, maybe NCSOFT can balance up the max client. Max 4 toon should be good enuf.
  11. Wow! Back to 3 client. Finally the game is finding back it's balance. At least now we can see more parties in the making. Be it open field hunt or instance. Since the Un-limited client, the servers is as good as dead. Great Job NCSOFT!
  12. NcSoft trying to make L2 worst than before. This new Un-limited Client is killing the game. No one form party anymore. How Ncsoft expect Single toon players to continue this game?
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