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  1. Do you really have anything to expect from this failed company? A roll back is a totally "must" or it blows away everything. Compensating ppl with roses and crap like this is a total fail also as they now dropped their masks and showed us how much they change the initial rewards that other areas get.......just to get in our wallets....all they care about... And now this crap.....imbalance incapability to keep hiding their own crap....gg
  2. And yes! Latency issues are back...a bit more playable now but its here. Targeting becomes slower with passing time. If u stop using UI for a few and u restart again it goes normal, but after a while t appears again. Dead mobs disappear a bit slower, targeting becomes slow and sometimes it turns better for a few. Chronos is as laggy as hell and it is NOT an isp problem and GMs u have to fix this! Anyone else with same problems? Please post here because all ppl now are focused on this event and noone cares to report whats wrong atm, but this must be reported again, as
  3. Latency issues are back! After a while of macro use its coming back. If u stop using UI then it starts again but then i noticed that in live playing also while i was doing outer. Anyone else having same issues? It is NOT a connection lag....its the same latency we had in attack hits.And its being going on the last few days. Also targeting is getting slow after some macro use, but it comes fast when u stop and restart.
  4. And who might u be defending on their side? All the time posting crap about false lag.....Make a ticket and ask them to hire u....2 -3 posts above is the link for that... Till then u waste our time watching your desperate posts to defend them. People have payed for services (packs/runes) and they watch a counter login that can last up to 2h to get in and then they may not have the time to consume their services. If you cant be part of the solution, dont be a part of the problem. Thank you.
  5. Daily restart will make a race to all ppl who want tog in to get a spot but even then a random (or not) dc will put u back in queue....:/ Limit clients to 3, reduce npcs where they are not needed (areas 1-85), give back the npcs removed from high lvl areas and re-arrange server capacity. 15 years no such problems.....wth is going on now...? Do u expect us to renew prestige/runes in this way??? Players leaving the game.....wake up!!!!!!
  6. This whole thing is unacceptable! More than 300 players in queue right now...omg!
  7. Well...title says it all queue starting 2 mins and over 1h. L2 is the game who offers a new experience in its members. Describe it here..... Login time for me started from 5 mins and went up to 35 mins.....a random dc and ......lets wait 1h to get back in. Gratz! Authors can i make a pole with a graph? Would be very interesting to see. Post your waiting time here plz...maybe a GM would see it gathered up and re-think what they have made....hopefully
  8. Wtf does this have to do with server issues? Who are u to judge how ppl play and what they do? And this is the way to show that u are an old player? You are a joke! Server has issues that seems to be going a bit better but login que is not funny when a company has ppl who pay for some services (runes/prestige/etc etc). And the whole appearance of GMs to give buffs when ppl cant login to get them, but ALL BOTS CAN, is at least terrible. You let ppl who want to login in que while u can just kick bots. You reduce the npcs where ppl exp, while u let npcs in no-use places (1-85) be
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