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  1. From my experience a L2 player never leave the game 100%...even they dont play always read news about the game. My answer to your question was a nice one, i didnt said anything to offend you...but yet you are an bleep not only with me.
  2. Now seriously...what you think? Its exalted....you dont know how exalted gear behave till now?
  3. Ofc you deserve and get same like all other ppl ......who create their toon after 31.08.2020. Same like ppl who play this game since 2004-2005...hell no. Are you for real?
  4. Shiny gemstone

    You can exchange lvl1 LaVie jewels/LaVie boxes for shiny gemstones at 1:1 parity at master Shadai in heine
  5. WAR > (PVE) XlXxxBRxxXlX vs (PVP) Nephilins

    Loosing what?Crp? Killing afk and bsoe from live players is winning? For this you take pride? Anyway, like his post your post doesnt make sense...why cry on forum? what is the purpose? what he hope to gain? Ps: is not Nefilim cl or members came to cry/complain on forum about war giving not complete story and seeking other ppl aprove on this.
  6. Hi, How can we get "Accessory Augment Stone" ? ty Armor/accessory augmentation has been added. Equipment that can be augmented using the new "Armor Augment Stone" and "Accessory Augment Stone" are as follows:
  7. Its easy to learn why you got ban...1 party on main pc and 1 party on laptop . Using 3rd party programs like vmware to bypass 3 clients limit/pc is a banable ofence.
  8. server transfer

    Hi, Any news on server transfer? @Juji can you post an update on this? its been a loooong time... Ty
  9. Omg @Juji ppl ask desperate for more spots and mobs in 108-110 areas and the mighty corean devs came with herbs ... Now i had a histerical laugh remembering you guys acting so mysterious about upcoming changes from devs...ahmm, herbs....hahahahhahahahahhahah Would you like a cup of tea? got that? :)))))
  10. spot taken

    Guys, I hope you all read this...If you dont have enough power to kill a spot in Aligator just go in lower areas. Lately i saw many wynns there who "pvp" with mobs...its not your place there, you are not strong enough. I dont care what ppl say, I will pk any toon who dont have enough killrate and take his spot. Its a valid statement for all lvls/areas!
  11. Elven buff

    Oh c'mon its common knoledge...ppl have the right to know. Beside that, the age of live iss is over...I told you last year and I notice now you still have hope Btw, now many ppl play with self buffs in Evi-Maestro combo...its the cheapest super damage output ever invented in L2(imagine with only free items 105-106 lvl they can finish IT just in time).
  12. Elven buff

    you dont need uber expensive dominator buffs, just use a pom iss and a dead pet on macro to go in exp area give buffs and return to dead pet out of exp area.
  13. What you change? Whats new?
  14. My friend, you missunderstud...I did not qq, im glad they nefert those areas. Ps: trust me, i did a lot in all those 10 y of plaing L2...just our agenda did not match this time.
  15. WAR > (PVE) XlXxxBRxxXlX vs (PVP) Nephilins

    Well, your story isnt rly accurate. You fail to mention that you are 1 man clan(ok, mby 2 or 3-I really not found any of your clan members in farm areas except a staked feoh) and you are wining the war only coz you kill afk ppl And when i say you are winning the war i ment your staked feoh(not polite to give names) 1 shot low lvl/gear afk ppl but when clown/or a live player come to pvp him ...well, he always cowardy bsoe. Thats not cool and thats not really winning a war and you know it. Now the story is complete...I have only one question: What is your post purpose here on forum? Looking for ppl to aprove you action? To embarase Nefilim?Or? Ps: Nefilim a pvp clan...thats a good joke.
  16. Quests in Enchanted Valley

    Is like in any business, you must first invest some money to get some money But also there are other means to earn some adena and smooth your gameplay like playing the right class for your financiar power, making friends, joining active clans, serving staked toons in time limited instances, etc. What I wrote doesnt apply to poor ppl who sttuborn play Yull class or any exotic one...they are hopeless.
  17. Heya, I came with tissues You quit, I give you tissues...we are all happy! Before quit answer one short question: Why do we(95% of players) care about this nefert? I mean you(5% of players) came like jerks and take 2/4 spots 1 hit aoe mobs, pk everyone who dare farm adena in IOS/Plunderous and above all ...you triple items prices in AH, etc. So, go cancel prestige and quit...ill give you tissues Oh wait...you cant do that (ps: we all know why, also NcWest know it but do nothing).
  18. VMware not working, is this deliberate by NCSoft?

    Well, you are missing not just last 3 months...or you suffer by memory loss Last time when NcWest allow more then 3 screens, 5 to be more accurate, was a real mess on all servers, lag and freeze was huge. For that reason they revert those changes... With or without VM or standard Windows 8 functions players should not be able to open more clients, just buy a shell pc and open there boxes you need. Ofc, technology progress cant be ignored...even NcSoft cant do that. So they start take measures like no party bonus, huge amount adena needed to equip toons, etc. For the moment did not work so well and they need to think/rework about other measures to take to solve this issue. Mby with this unreal engine upgrade...who knows. Ps: SafeStash if you talk about limit login by IP then you are clueless regarding how internet work .
  19. 1.Its a big mess, you announced in patch an increase number of mobs and faster respawn time but you did the oposite and not to mention rising mobs/area lvls. If I would guess what happent: You see ...corean players/servers are different then NA/EU, they love their toons more and grind a lot more. That been said, players lvl in coreea is much higher then EU/NA. This update would fit NA/EU servers in about 1 year...not now. We are low lvls...70-80% of ppl are under 107-108. Puting an update for 115+ and nefert areas under 110 is not a smart move. If you ask me, I would totally revert this update and postpone it and I would make 3-4 months of 200% base exp boost-500% vp boost. By that time majority of active players would be in 111-112 lvl range. 2.New augument system is nice, gj. 3. Sigil looks odd on melee, give us on/off button. 4. A big fat NO for Eviscerator/Maestro nefert...you neferted too much and you should remove penalty for yellow mobs. 5. I see devs are working on useless feature like on/off button for camera...Please talk with them to work on whats important: Dual/main swap, weapon appereance, server transfer, melee lag.
  20. Is this update for lvl115+ characters only

    it is...-20% exp for under 110 areas.
  21. In fact its about Eviscerator...and probable Maestro is a colateral casualty In previous patch Evi had a very confortable gameplay, even with exalted gear he was able to kill Castia 120 and get 4 h of full solo farm buffs. If that would continue, sooner or later half of server would reroll on Evi on low cost gear>>>>less money for the company . Why you think they keep rocketsky prices for yulls stuff ? They want us to play that class....coz to equip one is like buying a studio with seeview
  22. @Juji I just run a test on EU, devs neferted all areas under 110? Im talking round -20% exp in Beleth/Phantasma/Tanor/Aligator...rly? Instead of help ppl to get to 110 to catch up ....devs nefert even more
  23. well, we will get another new head accesory....devs lack of inspiration i guess https://l2wiki.com/Head_Accessories#Heir.27s_Radiance
  24. Well, Mammon’s Magic Staff is indeed a devilish move Finaly you hired a new marketing, good job!