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  1. I'm back and need some help

    I doubt you will be able to farm in Ivory Crater under 105...I mean, probably you will kill some but not efficient. The rest what Lunastariel advice stand. Here what you should do first: -read forum, read updates notes and learn changes&new items...too many to be told in 1 post. -search Tarti NPC in Gludio and start the 3 important quests from him -check if you learned new dualclass skill(as you notice we dont have subclasses anymore)-go Aden and certify your dualclass if you didnt do it till now. -your place to farm according to equip is in Blazing Swamp, if you put more you can try HB Magic/Desert -at 105 and much more equip you will be able to farm in Hb Phantasmagol -after you finish all quests and first 3 exalted you can go Ivory Crater or Silent Valey, by that time you are already 106.
  2. Can't log in ..come on

    There is nothing wrong with your PC dont try to fix yourself...there is nothing to fix. The best action to take is to put a case on support....we all should write them...they cant ignore us....
  3. Shame on you

    Im sorry for you, you live in a bubble... Its imposible to do not notice that ppl have problems on both servers even devs and producers admited that...its on red chat 24/7. Probably NcSoft servers are next door neighbour and even so i doubt you dont have problems. Instead of support your fellow players you came on forum to give , pardon me, stupid advices....go back in your bubble.
  4. Shame on you

    lol troll spoted! Dont trust me? Just go on Inn ova forum and check if they have any problem with latency or dc or if they are not able to log.... Dont give me that bull: they are in EU and blablabla, they have same multinational players from all over the world...more then that they did not ban CSI and other Eu countries like NcSoft do.
  5. Shame on you

    Whats up with guys? Its not on our end what is happenning now with servers...NcSoft must do their job and solve the problem!
  6. This is a direct consequence of your policy, figure that players are creative and they can make "exploits" in countless ways to make a little adena and items. What was your expectation? Atlas earring is one of the strongest items in game...and ppl must have 12 mentee gradulate>>>>result is previsible lol. You wont solve the problem...not even for short time. Why? im telling you why... 1.you have little new players...there is no debate here 2.you have no anticheat program installed...but yeah, you moderate this forum with an iron hand lol 3.you have a real base of players valued in range of 1000-1200 ppl or more on each server...main toons im talking about 4.every this toons must have atlas earring...so they will start new chars to get enchants. Neither here is no debate, allready is happening You are looking at minimum 15 000 chars to lvl up to 105...im sure you do realize what that mean! Solution1:remove completely atlas earring from our game. Solution2: revamp list for mentee coins and let us buy those enchants for 50 000 coins. Sooner or later players will get that +12 Atlas earring...why not sooner and without much headache? Ps: you have to understand, when you introduce a new item that require gazilions mobs to farm your servers will crush instant! Same for events with good rewards...
  7. critical error SOS

    soo primitive Try to update all your drivers and windows and put more ram on it... Hint: Driver Booster 7
  8. @Juji now regarding support team, somebody should tell them that you have problems with servers....they keep give us that bull with on our end is good, you must talk with your isp or buy a NASA computer or ...you are unlucky, you are too far away from our server and its normal to have latency. Understand that, its only your fault...there is nothing wrong on our end and we dont have to do anything but to receive a proper, a substantial compensation. To end my post in a joly mood, another 3 monts and we will celebrate 9 months of lag pregnacy...a new baby can be born right in our annually celebration lol. Lets propose a name, im first...if its a girl Latency will be her name
  9. very strange indeed...but i think its a company policy to do not talk with players community too much(they hired a gm years ago who was a former L2 player.... she was very close to us in her only month that she worked for NcWest) bottom line, if you want to keep your job you must stay away from keyboard . Now back on subject, not only we have very high latency but "fail to read content data" problem is back.....I guess i must be glad about it, they are working to solve the problem . @Jujii know you read the forum, can you please: 1.take a look in jewelry accessory problem: I know you deleted moe options and why....but we cant have all gods jewerly or angel. Please be resonable, in few months there will be no jewerly to sell on servers(btw have you seen the prices now?). If there is no solution then lower epic jewerly pack from 2000 to 200....its a sugestion to think about it. 2.please consider to give us the option to exchange dragon scrolls for upgrade stones, all oversease have it...its a logical and normal move and im not gona explain why. 3.did you not mention in december you will lower signifiant the prices in ncstore? I didnt felt it...but on contrary. thats enough to think about it Ps: any news with server transfer? did you made any progress?
  10. guess what....melee atack speed bug is back. My eviscerator hit hit hit and stop.....all for nothing!
  11. Enhanced Shadow Bow vs Enhanced Exalted Bow

    Thats a an easy one....Enhanced Exalted coz its free, strongest will be Enhanced Shadow(have +150 att atack and augument "adition" to enhanced exalted), kelbim bow not worth mention here Be aware, to make yull a great damage dealer you need like 500 bil adena...otherwise a noob iss like me can kill you easly
  12. 6 months of strugleing playing...thats no normal. (Yes, 6 months not since last update- 2 days working, 4 days lagging and your support send us to internet provider when its obvious your fault) Fix this....you investigating since 6 months yet, not sure what is the problem? Totaly unprofestional... Imaging ,fellow players, if ncwest had bot protection like inn ova have frost how our life would be? Im telling you...a total mess.
  13. MP won't regenerate quickly

    Yes, I notice my self the same thing. Mby its related with server lag/melee attack speed/latency...
  14. Macro

    Im not sure about your question but here some facts: -L2 its an old game with old ppl(they are majority) -Old ppl, 30-50 y old, usually work...i mean usually they have a job -L2 its not in game trends and the result is almost no new ppl(real new ppl) -Even if few new ppl will come they will never be able to compete with old players -We are in 2020, nobody have 14 h to stay in front of pc pushing buttons -Game direction is carefully chosed by corean devs -CP time is gone welcome 1 man 3 toons party or single toon -Dev give us quests with 40 000, 80 000, 160 000 mobs -All those changes come to entertain and maintain old players worm and fulfill their curiosity-the players base that matter I can agree some updates are simply wrong and without support(see dragon shirt upgrade stones, LaVie Jewels-btw @Juji why we still have posibility to exchange lvl3 Jewels to Shadai? or 2 weaves so close implemented about jewels-we cant all have God Jewels, Angel jewels,etc...we need more Baium, Earth Wirm, Normal Valakas or Bless or Frinteza-prices are crazy now) What you say about that @Juji ...atleast put them in L2Store permanent.... Now to conclude: Macro Afk was the only way to keep alive in 2020 Lineage 2 and they do it-thank you corean devs for that. I want to give you an advice: Live in the present! Past Is only for good memories, it never come back!
  15. changing my Dual Tank class via Libra

    Well, ppl cant give you an advice due to the fact you are the only one who know the situation(how you play, how many chars and lvl, how is your equipment,etc).... You said you want pve but no yull, othel and wynn....the remaining options are: -Tyrr dreadnought-strongly adviced, you can use 100% equipment from your main(yes, you have to use spear on titan) and you can lvlup other toons in coal mines very fast. also fun to play. -ISS enchanter-just in case you need support for one of your toons, can use same equip as main. Hierophant or Doomcryer would be my choice. -Healer-well, i never liked healers, its just a number on my list. I would not recommend it. -Feoh-not recommend it due to the fact you cant use same equip as main...and to make it performant you need a lot of changes. Good luck
  16. Feohs dont have mana problems unless they use permanent mana armor (that skill who tick correctly now) ...if mana armor is off then indeed he have setup a problem. But what I say here...you have a feoh too Mana Armor was broken....badly. Now work correctly.
  17. ISS Dominator out of Party

    Shhhhhh, you all ready told too much...ppl have no imagination
  18. @Juji can you please consider to bring dragon shirt upgrade stones as exchange option for dragon shirt scrolls at Dimensional Merchant? It will be a great and normal and fair addition for this update.... Also, what about server transfer?
  19. ISS Dominator out of Party

    In fact Quenia gave you a common sense advice, if you analyze your option for buffs you will learn that Dominator is the cheapest way for 7 toons buffs....afterall he is a party buffer, no? I would recomand Hierophant for 2 toons party or a Doomcryer for 3+(assuming you want AOE).
  20. New Update Pros vs. Cons

    I dont think those are considered a + ... Iss got really bad nerf and recipe....you need years of farming to craft something good(or mby you think about soulshots?) You all said most +++ I want to add on ----the missing dragon upgrade stones

    I dont understand why ppl still talk about new players in L2...ffs, this game is very old....nobody is new here, we are old(most players are 30-35+). When I look at comments I look also at players, you are all experts with 0 comments and 0 activity on forum...I can bet all crybabies have 2-3 parties on macrobot for adena and now surprise...no adena. The funny thing is i always imagine in threads like this 1 botmaster arguing with himself on 5 accounts in order to influence NcStaff decisions in some direction.

    Mana regen work fine as long as you don use barier togle skill. You know, feohs are not tanks :). Finally, they fixed this problem...
  23. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    On EU Mysterious SSR/BSSR recipes are dwarf only recipes and you can buy them from recipe manager for 2 mil adena ish. Also regular races can craft normal SSR/BSSR, recipe cost 1 mil adena ish. Vit condition cut is not excelent...but it is what it is we dance how JuJi sing.