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  1. From my understanding and after reading again the info of event ,the 3star awards sets have a daily rotation meaning they would change everyday like is listed and not in the same day after the previous set is claimed.Need to see if today the 1star and 2 star are also reseted or the ones claimed already count
  2. Imo is one thing getting into war cause both sides wanna do it and resolve what is there to resolve or have fun ...and is another thing to intentionally start up a war by going around and trying to find that " bad macro" that will trigger it.. In this way someone makes a clan with all his mentees and start wars with several clans ..and guess that ONLY one person is nowhere to be found and meanwhile has ruined the game of ppl paying for runes or even not paying for runes but is trying to do some overnight xp and dont start with u are not supposed to leave your toon unattended and thos
  3. i got one on some alt toon using the free hourglass,is the first luminous i got so far cause usually i get normal or advanced.
  4. I think to follow your advice cause seems to me very profound and logical ,maybe i need to change my provider cause i m not happy with it 10 years now...hell time for a change,always has let me down but yeah better change it cause ncsoft has trouble handling the lag and the continious dc!...but i think i ll better call saul
  5. seems like launcher had one of those moment of privacy and now is bk on ^^
  6. Is the launcher ok atm? cause it doesnt load for me
  7. Since this morning i couldnt stay online for the 30m to even get the reward Doing the queue and the moment i finally log i get dc again ... been a joy today !
  8. Last year was 300 but this year is 100,i guess sales have droped this year so they adjusted the number
  9. Well all i can say is that i have friends that can see the option to enter and when i click on npc i dont see anything but the party option
  10. Could be like 1 engineer but needs to do the job correctly!Guess what Ando wanted to say is just hire some personel that eventually does the job right since till now nothing worked.. +1 ando
  11. Over 430 queue atm for cronos and sad thing is that lag is still there for melee (maybe not as much as after the fast restart of servers yesterday but still..)
  12. Big clans after the afk macro era became all light castles and the ones that are still dark are some alt clan of some bigger clan with only the caster to be found logged during siege
  13. Also define large ..apparently 14 isnt large but 15 is large i guess...
  14. soooooo....the alt clans of active clans do they have the right to get castle according to u? I guess the answer is no from what u say ..
  15. So u can register for siege and if u die u dont lose xp ,right ?(apart the fact ofc u can cast if u can ). So 14 or 70 at the end is the same cause lets say u worry about been hit by a clan u dont have war! I m in clan(with more than 14ppl but they are some friends alts) that every now and then i register for siege just for the fun and i always get war declaration so for the next week after siege i have to look out just in case smthing happens! My main is in a clan that had a castle and cause of the counts during siege for war we had to watch out ...i mean defending the castle was a
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