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  1. I am currently subscribing with my accounts with prestige. Still i have to wait with all the freebies in the line to log in. Waiting for your reply/action if any ....
  2. Dear GM, In oren there is NPC to upgrade kelbin weapons but i cannot upgrade the dualdagger to insane pls look it up perhaps a bug
  3. I bought 30 days xp runes etc etc and i loose time from these runes cause i am waiting on queue for hours. dentiny pack why dont u give priority on ppl that have open runes or i am willing to pay as we used to in 2006 and so we can play descently. this is unucceptable to wait hours to enter just one account. What about my buffer still i cannot xp cause my buffer is on queue. Its lol game...seriously you insist on the ranking function and create ...probably ... a significant lag... my argument on that is that the 150 top ppl have enough items and support not to need in
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