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  1. Balok : chance of dropping items?

    seems to me like 100% for 3 items when dd are max 103
  2. Cloack enchant

    Some people just want to be called stupid... Do it for yourself. Bye
  3. Cloack enchant

    He is lying about the law. But you are wrong too. In some countries they passed anti gamble laws not in the EU genreally. It has led many companies to pay fines or even stop providing their game to those countires. When a game company provides gaming services to European IPs then it has to oblige to EU and regional laws. (Just because you choose NA server, doesn't mean you have NA IP, you are still in Europe...)
  4. It feels like we get +50% mana cost than +50% xp bonus
  5. Cutting down logged accounts helps but this shouldn't be the goal. Because the real reason for lag is the spaghetti code that forces insane net traffic. Items calculating damage etc only hurt your cpu. We need the Koreans to make the game use more local files but idk if this is possible, since that would make the game more vulnerbale to bots again (leaked code, lame anti-cheat). One change for EU players that would definitely help would be to not upgrade server machine but to rent cloud space for the server somewhere in Europe.
  6. Are ISS a dead class?

    If you have played in illegal pvp servers you would know that nobody makes a buffer except for getting Hero. At least in illegal servers when you got buff cancel it would matter. Here it's a joke. It's worse.
  7. What should I do with these items? Is it worth buying the old recipes and missing mats to craft sth or just sell them to npc (around 530kk worth).
  8. Is it really your hardware to blame? I just looked at GlassWire statistics and I saw 31,3 GB of incoming traffic in Lineage II over the period of just one week!!!
  9. Servers will close down eventually anyway. Everything ends. Imho it will happen soon after Lineage II remastered is released. So why should someone pay a subscription if he is not happy from the service?
  10. Lineage 2 remastered

    I just hope it won't be p2w and it will have reasonable limits to power. Because the current state of the game is 0.1% of players one shot the other 99.9% and even them are being one shoted by weapons that normally should exist on last day of the server only. For example: https://youtu.be/oAYM0Am-IjE?t=3663
  11. NC WEST guys just rent a space for server (on the cloud) in Netherlands or w/e.
  12. @Ganealf Except you forgot Lineage is a mass pvp game. Free gear is crap compared to what you really need to have fun.
  13. Lineage 2 remastered

    Yeah.. I don't expect an official answer but I wonder: The remastered version will be a new game or database with items from current game will transfer to the new one.
  14. Anakin & Lilith

    Unless there is RMT involved (and there is) the point is to let enemies grow stronger so you can compete. One shoting everyone isn't a game. It's a rigged game.
  15. Will Armor Appearance Stones be removed as well? If yes. You will refund nc coins?