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  1. Is solo xp back to l2

    I am thinking about returning to the game (I played 2 days doing instances). Will I still need a cp to xp? I see this guy doesn't. Maybe just duo xp with a rogue? I have ISS 100 Wynn 100 and Healer 99
  2. Junk Yard Dogs are back!

    I am 110% sure you wouldn't make this comment if you knew to whom the phrase "who let the dogs out" refers to.

    oh crap scripted bots for zaken/fryea too. Let's just hope the new anti cheat works, otherwise they wil nerf Zaken and Freya drops even more and this time I will quit the game forever.
  4. Both sentences are BS 1. There is no fight fight fight w/o first farm farm farm (Otherwise people would run in Avadon). 2. Prices are determines by the supply and demand. People on NA servers are willing to pay more therefore prices are higher . PS. Realted to (1): Biggest lie some players tell to themselves "pvp clan". The difference between pve and pvp clan is that pve clan players spend less time actually farming so they don't have the gear to pvp. Pvp clans spend way more time farming/trading in order to do less than 0,5% of their time in game pvp.

    Some people from SE ASIA have to make money to pay the taxes for their villas. Though I doubt the chars you see on Zaken are bots. They are probably boxes from people using 2 computers. I remember back on Magmeld when people would RMT to get levels and even after dozens of reports through support tickets GM never banned them.
  6. Looking for some Help

    I've sent mail. I will be busy tomorrow and the day after. If you try anything adventurous today perhaps I can join if I don't fall asleep (too tired to do work) Another useful comment. Kappa. What did you have for launch? Salt?
  7. Looking for some Help

    I need to do Epic Istina and Epic Tauti for Exalted quest. Of course I don't care for drops. ISS/Titan 100/100 in game iBraveStar
  8. Looking for some Help

    This community sux. 160 views 0 offers to help
  9. Watching Paint Dry.......

    The attitude of a returning player (me): The reason I am staying is because I can find parties to do dailies and even parties to party xp on open areas which I prefer. Dungeons simulator aspect of the game is bs. Dungeons could be limited (Choose x amount per day) but get good item rewards (rewards depending on the instance). How I see pvp: It's a joke and a really bad one. I saw recently Molensa vs VNDragon on youtube. Most of the time I couldn't tell if VNDragon is a Mage or Tank. Seriously a rogue fully geared stabbing a Mage who is paralyzed or stunned for so long and it's like stabbing a fully geared Tank from the front. L2Store:Selling xp boosts: Ok fine. L2Store: Selling potions/eva's rune etc that add power: Ok w/e. At least they can't be used in oly (most of them). L2Store selling power: Just sell items that add 1% boost - this would be acceptable. Currently there are ~10 items each one increasing the power by 12 to 30%. I am not going to spend any more. I spent in the past but I didn't expect this circus L2Store fiesta. It never ends. It's so funny that they keep adding item slots and then items with item slots. In the end L2Store items will be more than traditional item slots (armor+weapon+jewels). If someone spends money he is just falling in a bottomless pit. I am not as stupid as NCSoft wants their player-base to be.
  10. Lineage II - Security Update Applications to test

    Antivirus Firefox BS.Player (not that important)
  11. Lineage II - July Preview

    My guess is that even the whales figured out that cloaks were too expensive and they didn't spend much. They are expecting higher revenues. That's why they repeat this event so soon. My wishful thought: They want to make Lineage 2 popular again so that it will boost popularity (and sales) on their mobile app. https://www.appannie.com/en/apps/ios/top/south-korea/overall/iphone/ Sadly it's probably the first.
  12. Looking for some Help

  13. Lineage II - July Preview

    @Nikopol we are getting of subject but the thing is that it's not about them understanding what needs to be done. It's about the players accepting the facts. NCSoft doesn't care enough for Lineage II, otherwise they wouldn't be failing for 6 years. They are doing just fine in the stock market, which means Lineage II is not important. In traditional business when the customer base shrinks, businesses increase prices in order to achieve profit maximization since the remaining customers are willing to pay more. (Aka those who spend a lot, they don't make the game free, they make it more expensive). In game business there are factors that don't exist in traditional business. Most players understand that the game needs to be truly free to play and not "truly free to play". If you know what I mean.
  14. Lineage II - July Preview

    This thread is salty and people who cry are like Kaiba from the video below:
  15. Is solo xp back to l2

    I can easily (event weapon and lame gear overall) but a bit slowly kill them with wynn (100) but the xp is way lower. iirc 300kk in duo.. How the hell he gets 3,5kkk?
  16. Lineage II - July Preview

    @Devoid stop crying. You might lose some value but nerfing L2Store is always a good move. Buffed L2Store is the most important reason people quit this game.

    Clan skills lvl 6 Heavy set +6 Rose buff if iss or dd takes considerable damage Anakim Talisman Diamond Brooch lvl 3
  18. @Avaricia Apparently you created them on different accounts. If you had made them on your main accounts and had max chars, these new characters would have been deleted.
  19. All 3 of my high level characters had "name taken". I regret the new nickname I gave to one of them. Should I contact support for a free name change? Meanwhile private servers had npcs where you could change name instantly 10+ years ago. We should get a similar service for free (with a month duration) after every merge.
  20. Watching Paint Dry.......

    Reverting all the bs they have been doing since Goddess will make players return. It's not going to happen but for the sake of discussion. Important changes: Nerfing drops items/adena on relatively easy content Buffing L2Store Destroying old school pvp Removing Territory War Limiting resources (eg Gainak)
  21. Truffle is been Defeated

    Why would you put an official League of Legends soundtrack on a Lineage pvp video? P.S. Apart from the stacked buffs and items, I think you both sucked. Nice focus, both teams. Kappa.
  22. WTS Power LvL 100+

    You can add me (ISS) and my box to the party and I will be using party cakes. And I won't charge you for the cakes
  23. In Response to Recent Player Feedback

    Players aren't better. And they should be. The game is old so are players. They have had the time to consider the results of their greed. I remember screenshots from clans who were farming QA. Warehouses full with QA. They wouldn't sell them because they wanted to maintain status and make real money too. People like me just quit and come visit the game one per year. Why stay in a game where in order to compete you need to lose your life or spend considerable amounts of money on each event? Legend in H/S Diamond in LoL Started Fortnite recently too (ranking top 6 all the time) On a side note: I just read the patch notes. They removed vorpal drops from zaken - Way to go NCWest make the game herder for those who are basically content. Making f2p and low spending players leave, eventually makes spenders leave too. Give us reason to stay in this game.
  24. In Response to Recent Player Feedback

    Loot boxes have been deemed illegal for other reasons as well. US hasn't don't anything about in game gambling. Even China is ahead of the US in this sector (game companies forced to state loot box chances).
  25. In Response to Recent Player Feedback

    @DurinsBane https://www.pcgamer.com/csgo-and-dota-2-trading-disabled-in-the-netherlands-after-loot-box-crackdown/ If you can trade loot box rewards = gambling = illegal @all How business work: When the amount of customers (players) decreases the prices go up. That's why events are more and more expensive. Clueless people think that when player base decreases game companies will decrease prices to lure new and old players back. Nope. Not how things work. If and only if they realize that they have to accept significant profit decrease for some years they have a chance to survive in the long run. Otherwise the cycle of population decrease and price increase will keep repeating itself until whales can't afford it any more. These days the most profitable games are the most popular. And to be a popular game you need to be actually f2p. Zero iBuyPower. Best example: Fortnite. Zero cost and for 15 $ you get a ton of cosmetics per season.