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  1. 20 min to login to play for 20 min ???

    Where "according to me", (you've used the quotes incorrectly) did I in any part of the sentence make the statement or even imply "is very simple" ?? You on the other hand, appear to be "very simple".
  2. The game is really messed up now. 20 min to login to play for 20 min ??? Now that my character is logged in, it's time to leave for the day --- Thanks NCSoft for the great user experience ! When I tried yesterday afternoon it looked liked more than an hour to login, just imagine how angry the people that fork out hundreds of dollars a month for this type of entertainment. Maybe it's time for management to step down & let someone a little more in touch with the player community take over. Not trying to be mean, just from my perspective, current management is ruining Lineage ][.