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  1. kind of my point. pay money to get items in a broken game that ncsoft doesnt seem to want to fix. just collect cash from.
  2. with these types of events back to back its almost like they are cashing out before a shut down. js
  3. how about you do something useful and fix the drop rates grinding for 2 hours for nothing but 4k adena is not helping your cause. not even getting any material drops even when spoiling. you want this game to make a come back LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! fix adena and drops rates it is 80% less than 1x and the VIP system doesnt even work with spoil so you ruined an entire class in the process. people spend more money when they are happy with the game they play just sayin. i spent 300$ a month paying subs when it was a pay to play game. at this point you should be paying us to play it lmao.
  4. they are 1x in noob areas but when you get to the higher levels they are 60% lower than they are normally. Kiidduu i under stand that but the game was hard enough with origional drop rates in these chronicles. we are spending more than we are making. even more so if you dont have a full party you run yourself because everyone has macro loop grps and no real people to play with.
  5. how in the hell am I getting more adena per mob in ants nest than enchanted valley? I remember back in the day having a full party and getting atleast 600. are we not supposed to use SS? 20 adena 1 ss 1 hit. mob in EV 10-15 hits depending on class/lvl you use more money in ss than you get from the mob even in a party. this isn't classic l2 the drop rates are even lower than what they were origionally. I have clips of when these areas came out and adena drops were fine. this "classic" version is set up for people to use the L2 store and that's about it. free gear from l2 store xp runes from l2
  6. not only that A grade armor the only way to obain items to unseal 61+ armor is by a 75+ raid boss? how is that a thing? that makes it impossible for someone to even obtain it without getting killed by the clans that dont let people do raids or certain areas without being in that clan.... Bartz The Damned all over again lol. way to repeat your mistakes NCSOFT
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