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  1. All in all we are customers, it's our right to choose not to shop anymore or stop coming to this store
  2. i tried to return game, my main is dagger, out of mp in 3 mins. Melee lag etc. , i am lvling up my dual class as Dreadnought now. Well... it aint work too. Melee lags continue... I am tired of trying to play smoothly. I can't even think of subscribe bcz of those lags... I'm sorry current game status being this way...
  3. Europe. Never. Almost all the time. While hitting the mobs charachter hits and stop, hits and stop if that won't happens, character hits in turtle speed even tho atk.spd is maxed out(melee lag some call this) Note: I quit the game last year because of this issue and it's still happening which is sad. This time i have high hopes you will overcome this and serve us smooth gameplay.
  4. I do not know how to explain it but, i try to return to game last year. That same things happened, exact problems just like today, I experience lags, server downs during gameplay, My melee shots ''stop-hit'' cycle while skills are running smoothly Charachter attacks in turtle speed even though has got 1500 atk.spd. I can't claim more than one items from warehouse... Please someone tell me how will i Subscribe under these circumstances and fully trust Naia not to down again ? I feel like my subs. would be wasted if i'd subs. now. I hope those problems will be
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