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  1. D00vari, it's a waste of breath. This server is no better than illegal ones, especially in the management department. It is completely abandoned and nobody is doing anything to make it better or to balance it. Everybody knows what to do to make this game better, but nobody cares. Im actually very disappointed with myself, because with the amount of money I invested in this, I could be one of those invincible players you see on various l2j. I'm just hoping that my personal addiction to being stupid and play this game will come to an end soon.
  2. Apparently everyone knows who is the owner of those bots but they are still there making it impossible for new character to complete main path quest which awards 2kk xp and a lvl 1 brooch. This is a disgrace from a management point of view on so many level. What are you doing? I understand that this project has less than 500 active players and a bunch of us are keeping it up by buying stuff in the store, but the maintenance is atrocious. Now before you say I don't know what I am talking about, I understand that bots have been an integral part of the game pretty much since
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