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  1. Send a message to support asking for the Paulina's R grade free gear.
  2. Jelsy

    Paulina R

    @Juji +1 to have R Grade Paulina for 1 NCCoin. Would a help characters that come back to game but (from what I understand is the prerequisite to get it) don't have a dual class
  3. Is it possible somehow to start one client with X (big) resolution (and higher graphics) while you start the other clients with Y (smaller) resolution (and lower graphics) ? I don't need big window for my iss and alt. Don't see why they need to eat my resources I am looking for a legit way... not hacking the windows kernel....
  4. Jelsy

    Paulina R

    No thats not exactly what I meant I just logged some of my toons and I found in their inventory/warehouse a Paulina's R Grade Item. I did not do anything like exp-ing or whatever However, some other toons did not have the R Grade Paulina Item. And this is what I don't understand. If it is possible somehow to get it (eg. customer support ticket)
  5. Jelsy

    Paulina R

    Is it possible somehow to the R Grade Paulina gear new players get at 40 ? I logged some old toons of mine, 2 of them had the R Grade Paulina item in them (don't remember where, if it was in warehouse or not) the other 2 did not have them in their inventory/warehouse. So, there is a way to get the R Grade free gear... But what/how exactly it works ? Does sending a message to support solves the issue ?
  6. @Juji Is the idea possible of a new server, subscription only (you pay per account to log in, just before f2p-GoD) and without any L2Store items (or at maximum most some XP Runes)?
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