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  1. Chronos down?

    Got dc too and cant reconnect, game closes when im in character select, trash ass bleeping server, glad wow classic just launched CY@ boyz
  2. Need tips on enchanting

    I never really spent too much time enchanting cause I always failed so I gave up a long time ago but now I want to try again. I need tips because there are many new items in game like save tickets and giants scrolls, stones etc. My question is: What is some strategy to enchant weapons to +12? 0-2 normal scroll 2 giant scroll -> what if +3/+4/+5? use giants scroll again? at what + i start to use blessed? how do save tickets work? is it worth to use heavenly scroll which cost 6+b? Or should i not bother enchant to +12 and buy full weapon +12 30b
  3. It would be a good idea to put a mechanic that allows to upgrade the stage of a SA on a weapon. Some weapon have stage 6-7 SA which costs already adena but then if you want to make it lvl 8 you have to lose it all. It would be good that for a fee you can upgrade the stage of a SA and also while I am at it, we should be able to pay some fee to change SA without needing a new crystal because stage 8 is expansive. I think it would be faire to put a fee which is high but still much lower than the price of a new crystal just to change SA. Because if you want to buy a weapon and it doesn't have the SA you want it is very frustrating to know you need to change the SA and it's bad for peer 2 peer buy/sell of weapons.
  4. which class ??

    Try as much as possible to use something that share same gear, I forgot if you can take a tyrr dual since u are tyrr main because at some point we could in the past, if you can take tyrr i would say dreadnaught since u will share same gear and pole is generally cheaper weapon and its the best aoe class and ur GK is pro single target raid killing. If you cannot make tyrr dual i sould say depends on what set u use on main heavy or leather. If you use leather yul would probably be best choice. You will also be able to use it in pvp better than other choices. I would say go for yul cuz any other class will cost u really a shit ton to gear up. Rogue was another choice but ur GK is already a single target DD melee range. My char is yul/GK but yul main and gk sub and it makes alot of sense.
  5. Account limit is not a solution just stop repeating it and think with your heads, also you are forgetting that it will be another blow for people who want to farm in game for items instead of p2w so you will make the game even more p2w if you put account limit.
  6. Ppl need full pt accounts because everyone is trash at the game and you can only count yourself
  7. You guys keep taking this argument which is invalid cause you are jealous that you can't run 7 accounts. Stop it, account limit is not the problem it was working without a single problem before update. They need to fix the real problem not put a band aid on it so that it can mess up even more in the future.
  8. In this case it can be modified, instead of 1 shot for 1 hit, could be 1 shot for next 1000 hit or something and cost of shot price would increase to make it even so the same in the end. Even if you do 1 shot for 2 hits it will reduce shot lag by 50% so it's pretty considerable.
  9. You probably gonna need to delete your L2 folder and open launcher and repair (if all else failed)
  10. This guy has a pretty big point, wouldn't it be a good idea to remove shots and just integrated it on hits instead of making it a consumable item? ALL effects of shots would be integrated in hits and the consumable part of it would be removed. In the current state of the game shots don't make any adena and it's also unfair that bssr is much more expansive than ssr. I think removing/reworking the shots system to alleviate server load without removing any of the effect of shots would be a good decision. Shots were a big part of the economy before but in this state of the game it doesn't contribute to the economy in any noticeable ways.
  11. Full server

    To everyone in this forum: - Start thinking with your heads - Unlimited boxes and server capacity are not the problem because there was not a single problem before fafurion supplemental update - Limiting boxes and server capacity is just a band aid fix to a problem that is located elsewhere which they cannot find - People have called to disable ranking system which is probably the culprit because if you noticed, everytime in game the screen goes red/orange and there is a useless message with some dude talking that noone cares about the server lags until this is gone. So whenever the server pushes something in mass to all players the server suffers. - The only solution here: remove ranking system or make it update only once a day at reset or something similar, not in real-time.
  12. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Let's be honest, is having a ranking system that only shows who bots the most worth having everyone lag to impossible levels? EDIT: Back in Awakening, there was kind ofa ladder system where you had interesting stats like most damage done, most damage done in one hit, all split up by class etc, that was actually a fun system im not sure why it was removed, but this ranking system is just a burden on servers and not really interesting information. We dont care that allaroundme spends 1000$ a day for xp buffs
  13. Cursed Sword System Rewamp

    Sorry to say that you wasted your time with this revamp. This new akamanah zariche system was a way to make it relevant again but the only thing they managed to achieve is another cancerous mechanics that shits on all players who don't spend their lives and mortgage on L2. Only the rich will touch the high rewards, they just go through low level zone to farm kills where lower players just want to progress by playing, griefing them. Just the rich bullying the poor as usual NcSoft design. As retarded as the no PK consequences idea. All you got is people who wasted their lives and bank account on L2 who are now mad at themselves and take it out on poor players in-game to attempt to feel better. If this needs a revamp, it should be a revamp to boost new players and not reward already rich players who can 1 shot the swords who have no gear and vice versa, low gear ppl couldnt ever kill the swords. P.S. bring back PK consequences, revamp if u want, but give it risks & consequences if you have at least a brain cell left
  14. I don't know what went through your heads when you designed the no counter play cursed swords but it's the most cancerous mechanic I have ever seen. Every **** day same story. Both cursed swords run at 99999999% speed around low level areas and messing everyone up and there is nothing to do against it. Why should people pay for xp buffs and such things if every day zariche and akamanah are just gonna clear all zones and no one to stop them because they can simply port everywhere? If cursed swords are to be in the game, make low level zones protected from them or make them unable to teleport or use escape scrolls, put some mechanic into place to fix this stupid abuse. These 2 swords just contribute to the downfall of this game and devs just keep on going downhill with trash design such as these swords. This needs to be changed ASAP or removed untill a better mechanic is put in place. FFS even a protection buff for level 99 and under against pk/curse swords would do the job. Get on it.
  15. Any ETA on the 3 client limit bug? I don't mean to be pushy but surely it can't take forever to change 1 setting... I'm gonna miss all dailies because of it FeelsBadMan
  16. All drops removed except 7x gemstone (R-grade)? wtf
  17. 3 clients limit

    Check juji's post it's a bug, go on forum page and scroll up top posts
  18. Can we get an update on Juji's post when the 3 client bug will be fixed please? thank you.
  19. Cursed swords profit or....

    I agree these changes are really trash for everyone except those who are already rich, I would've hoped that humans learned from their mistakes but it seems like this will end in mass exodus like every game (well 99% of ppl already left). I wouldn't complain about those cursed sword if at least me as a new player/returning player had some decent way to farm adena for myself but guess what patch after patch everything for new players and returning players are nerfed to the abyss and adena-making is buffed for people who are already rich. Freya/zaken 7 r-gem drops while rich players are soloing end-game instances with 1 char worth 100+ bil. Economy is the backbone of a MMORPG, if you wanna leave it like this start looking for a new job because you will be unemployed from ncsoft in a near future when the whales will have noone to crush in-game.
  20. Hello, I left server some months ago and left nothing behind except Sayha 101/Feoh 100 and my box iss and a 99 crafter I am not updated with Fafurion, I have no idea what the state of the game is after 100 now. My characters are naked, someone told me now game gives free r95 set 120 + r95 weapon +150 but I cannot find this I also have no idea how to make adena, I tested freya 2 times and only drop is gemstone R-grade Is it over for any hope of making adena in-game now? I still need to choose if I am gonna bother playing if there is not a single way to make adena so I can buy mediocre items. How can I make adena other than afk event in town and 7 gemstones from freya? Thanks. EDIT: inb4 some troll says "l2store"
  21. It's because when I left I gave all to clan or friends but it's been a while they are also all spread out or not playing, didn't plan on coming back to play because of this issue of no way to survive in-game but I came back and at least I got some 101/100 char and 99 iss but I will make boxes to farm stuff for start. Anyway, I've done 2 freyas and both only gave me 7 R-gems so I think freya was the last hope for any non l2store player and they also nerfed that so I am out of ideas, I will test it for a few days and see if I can come up with some strategy and leave for good if I can't cause there will be no other choice at that point
  22. I don't understand why they would make all these UI changes and quest changes for lower level to attract returning or even new players to try out the game and put not a single way possible for them to even make enough adena to buy shots alone. This is really nonsense. Any successfuly game does the opposite, they give opportunities for new players to catch up without being unbalanced way to catch up. For example they could buff R2 and R95 drop rate and more full drops for R2 and R95 and new players can farm those, enchant themselves and at least have some OE R2/R95 gear untill OE R99+... wtf is wrong with this system it's not logical way for sustainable playerbase
  23. Drop Rate NERFED AGAIN!

    Drops are garbage this is the death of this game and it increases at an exponential speed. Can't wait to see the credit card warriors play 100 ppl in server together, they will probably kill themselves irl when the game officially dies. Pathetic. And NcSoft is feeding them into it till the very last penny, EXACTLY like lottery games and slot machines and casinos. These +++ players have the exact same personality traits as those who have gambled their houses. Don't look up to them because they have all this ++++ gear, when the game dies they will see that they have absolutely f*cking nothing. Move on with your lives is the only winning scenario in the current state of the game.
  24. It does not take a year to fix ridiculous ideas. not only are feohs tankier than tanks not only do they have top damage but they thought "hey let's add reflect on that" please, get your **** together Mana Body needs to be emergency ninja nerfed along with all the other bull**** Thx EDIT: forgot, top mobility and top aoe