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  1. Who is currently in demand in parties/clans?

    Make a bot,bots are always on demand
  2. Gms exist?

    Well ,im the type who is willing to pay if i see the devs and gms do something to help the game and game community ....but if they do not care,then i shouldnt part with a dime of mine in their favor.Simple and clear
  3. More respect for the players

    @WoDy dude,you must know that daggers are the most fragile characters....high dmg output is to compensate their other weakness.And especially mages should not complain cuz they sacrifice their useless STR to add CON dyes......bluff of daggers is only good against another dagger,but not against mage,buffer or tank class.Auto attacking is ruining the shadow step too....switch/trick is broken.So the only op skill of dagger class is hide,and if by any chance this dagger hit a critical stab then others start to complain.Be real guys.....evasion not working at all so one of daggers advantage is completely ruined (speaking of lvl under 76),main DD role of daggers is ruined too by runes ...compared to old SA of the weapons.
  4. Balance Rate

    So lineage is the only MMORPG ever to give negative income for exping/killing monsters.I was there in harbingers of war and we never used soulshots back then,then in age of splendor when soulshots were introduced we were still making full parties in order to hit w/o ss and reduce our spent.But even with solo hunting and soulshots applied one was able at least to cover the adena spent for ss with small 10-15% income.Now its negative lmao....ppl dont want to make big adena of farming,they just want to exp and being able to cover the expenses for the resources spent......now Mixa troll will say (thats why l2 store exist)
  5. Literally the most idiotic idea i seen so far comming from players.This idea could only be a product of a millenial mind used to afk/auto play tons of mobile apps.NC soft are killing the game,but you guys try to do the last nail in Lineage coffin with suggestions like that.Do you like RoA area?Do you want the whole game turn into this?NC already turned so many monsters from agressive to passive in order for you to do your macros and kill mob one by one,but not being attacked by multiple due to their aggressive/social(tribal) aggressive behaviour that was in old chronicles.So my suggestion to all who want their small "divide and conquer" farm zones is to stick to the apps they can farm while they sleep and leave the game to the real players
  6. Gms exist?

    Nice,so anarchy forever....NC punx not dead !
  7. Gms exist?

    I play for less than a month and everyday i check the /gmlist command several times! Wtf ,servers with no gm support ,no petition system working....its pure anarchy,what do you guys get paid for? Who check for foul language,bots,scams,in-game harassing.....Who?,Who? Whlol No worries i expect ban to be ye answer lol NC scam never ends huh?
  8. Macro

    ...in this matter i suggest auto to have time limit...like for 30-40 mins or one hour,just to help ppl do domestic chores and play....but not sleep and leave the toon exp for 8 hours

    Nah,this is the real classic,in live servers there are gms,control, and communication between mods,gms and the community.....here we are just posting threads but we voiceless Fact! Disagree?
  10. Please increase the spoil rates !

    Lol let me quote what you said in another thread Kiidduu "the more hard,the more interesting "...now complaining of spoil rates. And this pmfun site is accurate,but for old Lineage2 ,not for 'Classic'
  11. Ruins of Agony - Giran Server

    All this about agony is made with the only purpose to give fertile soil for the bots. Just think - monsters respawn places (in small groups ,on very small area,with adena drop rate close to normal and equal to adena rate in 40++ hunting zones) . Perfectly for bots to farm without messing with eachother ,perfectly for creating a pattern that would be easy for the buffer bots ...... And NC just refuse to fight with the bots,no GM even walking through the area even if only to check. The only conclusion is that NC has big profit from the bots . Even if one is dumb he can see through the transparency of this . Game is dead !
  12. adena rates are screwed

    I know lol . I was just being sarcastic ....NC soft made their game worth less than the amount of adena a monster drops :)))))))) .And nobody cares
  13. adena rates are screwed

    Maybe you need VIP 4 to get rate x1 here
  14. Is this L2J platform or what,dont make me laugh and solve the problem with monster's respawn places. Is everyone supposed to bring a bow ???
  15. adena rates are screwed

    Prometheous,this game is made for NCsoft to get profit,its not made for the players to enjoy it. It has nothing in common with the old Lineage2 and the name 'classic' was used only to attract and bring back the players from the old days . It was clear even before the launch that L2 store will spoil the original fun. This is not even Lineage 2 anymore ,its Ponyage 2 . If you came here for the fun of old Lineage 2 ,better leave until its early ,you will not find this fun here