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  1. You went a long way to say jack shit. Rhetoric is not your strong suit.
  2. Please stop with the idiotic posts. A Stage 1 Dragon does NOT have the same damage as a Limited +15. If it did, no one would bother spending trillions of adena to make a Dragon weapon. It costs far, far less than that to make a +15 Limited. If you are getting the same damage on a Dragon Stage 1 as a +15 Limited, then you should go figure out where you went wrong with your character build. You must be missing something. As for the rest of your post, this event lasts for only 14 days. After that melees will go back to Lineage Hell. I wouldn't talk crap to Yul's now, since for the rest of your time in L2 you will be eating their dung.
  3. The Cube of Gratitude After the maintenance on August 5, visit the L2 Store and pick up a Cube of Gratitude for 0 NCoin (one per account). The Cube will reward a Basket of Gratitude. The Basket contains: Vitality Maintaining Rune (2hr) Dragon Weapon Coupon (which is only 1 coupon -- you need 3 for a bow/crossbow) Freya's Ice Rose (Event) (x10) Dandy's Home Run Balls (x2) Emperor's Special Cocktails (x2) The Cube of Gratitude can be opened once per day with the reset happening daily beginning at 6:30 a.m. server time. The Cube can be opened 14 times and on the 14th use, it will yield a Basket of Gratitude and Love.
  4. Bow/shooter need 3 coupons. You only get 1 coupon a day. So you can only get a bow every 3 days, which lasts 1 day. What am I missing?
  5. So Yul only get Dragon Weapon for ~4 days out of the entire 2 week event? It's not like Yul's don't experience any delay, it's just not as bad as melee. 3 coupons seems overboard. 2 coupons at least gives them 7 times to use a dragon weapon. Every other day as where melee get it every day.
  6. I guess that also means the Dragon weapon event for archers doesn't really start until Friday, right?
  7. @Hime @Juji Am I reading this correctly? Archers need 3 coupons, but you only get one coupon a day AND you only get the cube for 14 days. That means that archers will really only get a Stage 1 Dragon for 4 days only???? Something about that doesn't sound right.
  8. Dual Class L2 Live

    No, not dual ISS. ISS second main alternate character to level with your first main/dual character. Agree to some extent that you should like your dual, since you have to spend time leveling them. But he makes a good point that you only really need a dual to get those certificates PDQ. Otherwise, why level a dual at all? You could just roll another alternate character.
  9. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    Restoration ticket requests must be hundred miles long if they are allowing this. Wow.
  10. Which is better?

    Wow, my skill crits look pathetic compared to that. Game goals.
  11. Dual Class L2 Live

    LOL! You are definitely new here. L2 is mainly a game based on constant repetition. You're lucky you didn't start this game back before soul shots were automated. Depending on situation a dual is usually all you need with an alt ISS for prophecy buffs. But I know lots of people that have dozens of alts to help with farming dailies and events. Take Rim Kamaloka. I know a guy that does it every day on 10 Yul alts. Anything to increase his chance of winning something.
  12. i need to know what dyes are better for a dagger

    Check the dagger forum. The info is probably there. https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/18-rogue/
  13. Still No Red Libra???!!!???

    They said that we were going to get Red Libra during the summer, which changed to late July, then later said August-September maybe. A company should deliver on its word, yeah.
  14. I was talking to a high level guy who told me that he got 4 boxes every day, but never won anything but the fragments. If that is the same for most people, this is a terrible event.