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  1. Why are there so many people selling Dragon Weapons now? Is it because they can't change them into something else, or somehow use them to trade up to next stage? I know it can't be because they are worthless. Or is it?
  2. There is no XP loss on death, so go to Ketra and see. Isolate one of the mobs and see if you can get its HP bar to move one tiny bit before he kills you. Seriously, I went there with a +++++ limited weapon on a stacked, fully buffed 108 archer and it took me to a long time to kill just one of them. You will die in seconds on a 106 Duelist, even if you had a Stage 1 Dragon Weapon and +12 armor set.
  3. The only "winners" are usually the people who spend $$$$$$$$$ during these events. Like always, they'll rave about that the times that they won something, but they will never tell you the thousands and thousands of dollars spent where they got the same crap that everyone else got. I call them fireflies, because their arses are always glowing when they think they've done something great, and they always want more credit for "keeping the lights on" than they deserve.
  4. Bet they give you two gold balls and tell you to go have a nice day.
  5. It's the delay that all classes have, but fighter types more obvious than others, when auto attacking. The game didn't always have it, but over the last several months/year, it's been around. The solution is to set up an auto macro, but tape down whichever function key you use for your fastest working attack skill. For example, on my Doombringer, if I use the auto macro for targeting, but hold down the function key that I assigned to Dash, he will proceed to attack multiple toons rapidly and successively with the only delay being in finding which target to kill. For other classes the "fix
  6. When I saw that God bottles were one of the possibilities, I knew to avoid that. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...
  7. i would think that people would rather kill the demon swords than the raid boss. You have a better chance of getting 5B than the top prize from scoring most points in a 1 damage per hit raid.
  8. You get three different times. Radar shows right now... Server Time: 17:20 Local Time: 12:20 But the command /Time gives you this response: The current time is 21:47. Clear as (bleep)ing mud, isn't it?
  9. Not going to spend more than $20 this event. I only opened 8 boxes. Results? 3 Elcyums, 2 Star Signs, 2 Dye Crystals, 1 Gem Energy. In short, nothing I needed. I could have bought a pizza instead and been happier. No doubt someone who opens a (bleep)load of the boxes will probably get better results.
  10. I'm betting everyone is understating how well equipped their characters are. Whenever I run through Ketra I don't see anyone in basic exalted only.
  11. It will probably cost 952,254,568,522,325,511,858,815,225 celebration coins, twice as many ether, limited to one per account and be accidentally automatically removed in next week's update.
  12. Varka and Ketra? Is that the place where only stacked characters level 114 and above can hunt in party?
  13. Most of the stuff in your WH is probably too dated to use. Sell what you can to NPC. (Not much can be sold there, unfortunately.) If you started a new character you can do lowbie quests that give you more current Twilight equipment and an Apocalypse weapon for your class. It doesn't hurt to see if your old character is eligible to do the same quest. Go to Gludio and talk to Tarti. If she lets you do the quest, great. If not, you have to decide if you want to keep playing the old character. If you left the game with a billion adena on your character, just go buy the equipment you need
  14. Most will probably change to retrib during Red Libra, since it has more matk and patk and same crit as casters and busters. Now that you get sigil bonus with both, it's a no brainer.
  15. Not sure if you can any more. The Aden Reconstruction NPC used to be the one that put the talismans on the hair accessories. Maybe they moved that feature to a different NPC, like fishing guild member or something???
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