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  1. Dear @Juji @Hime, It’s been nice that you guys bring us events every month. There are couple events that should be brought back every 6 months like RED LIBRA and ARTIFACTS. New players or players that switch to playing different class need these events to gear up their chars. Also please have some events that give more of the FORGOTTEN BOOKS as rewards. It is super rare now but it’s so important to level up those FORGOTTEN SKILLS. Hope you can bring back these events in the coming months Thanks
  2. Here are some comparations: - Player A spend thousands of $$$ on Royal enchant scrolls and can't even make it pass +20 VS. Player B spend $0 (FREE) to make +31 R110 weapon with giant scrolls by exploiting the restoration (enchant -> restore -> enchant again -> restore again .................. -> until the item reach maximum) - Player A farms adena 24/7 with the dream to get top items with ++++++++++ enchantment levels with their own adena and $$$$$ VS. Player B still spamming restoration exploits to make +++++++++ items then sell it for billions adena without farm
  3. @Juji @Hime Please have your input on this Players need your answers because there's no point for us to upgrade our gears or even play this game if this keep going. Imagine yourself paying THOUSANDS of $$$ to upgrade your gears and find out that there are MANY EXPLOITERS are cheating the restoration system and ++++++++++ their gears for FREE. What will you think? I still don't know why you don't do anything about this. This is completely INSANE
  4. The whole restoration system is getting abused and GMs don't do anything because they're scared that these abusers will quit the game Only these abusers can get these items while legit players like us who don't exploit items will never have it. I don't know why you guys are still playing this game paying $$$ to upgrade your items while these guys exploited items for free. We should all quit this game and let GMs play with these abusers
  5. I would recommend you all not to spend a dime into this game because no matter how much money u spend into this game for events, you won't get anything good from it. But on the other side (THE BLIND SIDE), where most of players are behind in tricks of exploits of these item abusers, they are making IMPOSSIBLE ITEMS for FREE. $$$ invested to get nothing good VS. $0 invested and get IMPOSSIBLE items (in a CHEATED way supported by NCSoft staffs) ======>>> If you're a smart person, stop spending a dime for this game and ask GMs for justice until they do
  6. I still don't know why you guys are still playing this game in which we pay $$$ for the item abusers to play for free. We must be really stupid to pay $$$ for events in hope of getting good items Why should we waste tons of $$$ on making high +++++++ on weapons, armors, shillen crystal, dyes, dragon jewels, and many more? Don't we feed stupid to do that? so we spend $$$ to get items BUT these items abusers just sitting there repeating the restorations to achieve those IMPOSSIBLE ITEMS for free (Enchant, fail, restore, enchant, fail, restore)? When asked to reverse those abused items,
  7. @Juji @Hime Time to officially quit this game because the whole GM crew doesn't really care about players' feelings about TOO MANY ITEMS got abused and ruin this game. @GoldBar Thanks for bringing this up again. GMs already confirmed that they won't do anything about it. Basically those item abusers got away with all those abused items for free while other players who paid tons of money for every event for nothing and just sitting looking these abusers running around with those IMPOSSIBLE items - If you can't do anything about it, please refund us all the money that we paid for even
  8. DiBui

    Naia Siege 07/19

    back the the same topic from my previous post, u need to learn the basic concept of the game from your clan members instead of crying too much trying to prove that u r KINDA not that USELESS hahahahaha - 1st: I'm not noob like u that wait for clan members to MEATSHIELD yourself in order to pvp. Use your brain a little bit and watch both videos slowly. Then u can see most of the time I port in solo 1 vs7,14,or even 21. But it's different for u, when u see a group of 7 or 14, u run away like a DUCK - 2nd: when I port in 1 vs7,14,21, ofc I already accepted the risk of getting killed. Bu
  9. DiBui

    Naia Siege 07/19

    why are u crying everywhere in the forum even in my post? lol crying about lllll and pep turning stones (Look at yourself in stones 24/7 when u pvp them). what a joke In game u can't even kill ppl with Cursed weap.. In life u cant even make a proper video for viewers (trying to steal other ppl kill credits to make your video longer). Most of the time, u were probably hugging the floor and running around avoiding pvps, my little noob pve-er. get out of my post plz. dont cry anymore more because nobody cares
  10. DiBui

    Naia Siege 07/19

    aww again why u post video of other people's kills on your people to make you feel good and bring that video into my post? lol so pathetic. U need to improve your gameplay, skills, and video making abilities instead of your gears and crying skill Advice: If u zoom in other people's kill, please credit it in your description -------------
  11. DiBui

    Naia Siege 07/19

    https://youtu.be/lfcD3rtDcrU Updated
  12. DiBui

    Naia Siege 07/19

  13. whew only proud when u can kill me after i port in solo? I guess I should port in 1vs7+ more often so u can feel proud of yourself hahaahha Your video already showed how desperate u r to show u r not complete useless member or traitor. Sometimes I was waiting to see your kill when u zoom in but OOPS it's someone else kill buddy (don't feel so proud of yourself from other ppl kills) Oh also, "95% of the time 1 shot with no skill up" LIAR, u need me to ask our forum friends to help u count? PLUS, even if u can kill me 1 shot with CURSED weap, why would u be so proud? so u r proud of yourse
  14. aww so cute. sorry i don't post those kills that not belong to me. It's so pathetic u do slow motion of me dying from others but not u. plz dont take other people's kill credit for your video hahaha....Hmmm if I add all those clips that my clan killed u, it would be more than 60 times but im not too low like u to do that Here's also the fact that u need to learn. and here's the difference between me and a noob like u: - I don't wait for 2-3 parties standing around me to pvp . When we have 1-2 or even 3 parties, I NEVER see u appear in pvp with your party ALONE because u just CAN'T. B
  15. 7-8 times more than me? lol u should sit down, calm down, and start counting (your math is going south right now). 1. Check it carefully and don't count other people kills as your kills lol 2. Look at your kills vs my kills (was it 21 vs 7 or 14 vs 7 or 7vs7 or 7vs1, etc.....) sorry i dont wait full skills or 2,3 pts + to come help like u. Ur too noob to call other ppl noob
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