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  1. I'd be fine w/ adena*2 only. ofc all of it was great but adena is still harsh. At *2 you don't break even but at least you get kinda close lol.
  2. My bad misread, i thought you were asking about hero coins going away or not. Didn't think about the items with limits on them resetting. Sorry for the confusion :).
  3. http://www.lineage2.com/en/news/announcements/hero-coin-changes.php
  4. My party which is far from top gains more xp in elven doing it gimply than we do in superion destroying the mobs. Mind you this is a full pt but still with a well round party EV xp can be exceptionally better than superion.
  5. Mmm strong feedback, duly noted.
  6. ROFL Spud, rest assured friend. I only want to check dmg.
  7. Technically yes, this is Windawood renamed. I am one of the original leaders of Ashura from Bartz and current leader of current Ashura. Based on clan feedback changed the name. We are still recruiting active players 101+ or cps (level can be negotiated if bringing a full grp or mostly full grp). If interested you can mail/msg LNefertititL/Chilltown/Kaaren.
  8. That's not a scam, that's just someone being an bleep. Welcome to L2.
  9. Oh snaps I made it. I'm forum famous!!! Hehe. Yea I saw some sell shops do it a while back and figured out how to do it and use it for afk recruit message when i'm asleep lol. Someone already did good job explaining so I'll leave it be.
  10. It's completely possible I'm not understanding what is meant here. But do you mean it was a separate service with a charge? If so than yea. If you're talking about something else I'm not sure. It was a long time ago for me but I do remember basically switching my main to doomcryer taking the appearance of the orc and everything, my spellhowler became one of my subclasses but was still an option to switch to. Not meant as any kind of argument just was wondering what was meant by separation service. Apologies for the ignorance.
  11. This used to be a service available when I played originally before GoD. It was gone when I returned earlier this year. I never read up on why it was removed and isn't an option any longer. Maybe there's some weird reason but seeing as main/dual can exist at same level I don't see why it wouldn't be an option. However, regarding your question, it likely isn't going to be an option again any time soon.
  12. The biggest reason is it just takes too much time. I hate SVP in kartia. However, as a compromise if there are people who want to kill you can still save your vit if you stand in the far back left/right corner as people tend to kill mobs by the stairs. This lets you save vit and unless you're in a seriously undergeared party it shouldn't even make anyone too upset you're not killing. For 2nd/3rd rooms simply stay at entrance until boss wave. You accomplish the same thing, instance goes much faster and everyone is happyish.
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