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  1. A few questions

    1.Runes on weapons. So i wanna add othell lvl 6 on my B grade weapon...what do i need exactly to add the othell? where is the npc responsable for adding runes and what are the requirments of adding Othell lvl 6? 2.Dyes What is the minimum level for adding dyes ?And from where should i buy some good dyes? Like Greater dye of STR +4 Con - 4 and Dex+4 Con -4
  2. Adamantite Nugget Spoil Broken

    Spoiler is bleeped up here....i have the same situation like you. spoil just dont work.
  3. select region North America when u login on nc launcher
  4. Please increase the spoil rates !

    True what i've said . But...about spoil rates i must say it is too damn hard....not interesting anymore
  5. Just as the title says , and i think any spoiler on this server agree with me.Spoiled like 50 "Leto Lizzardman Warrior" and got 3 Coarsed Bone Powder.....However : Leto Lizardman Warrior (38) Passive 1 1/5 This happens to all the materials i tryed to farm with the spoiler..... The spoil rates are so damn low :/.
  6. Please increase the spoil rates !

    I observed this russians. Yes, kinda annoying...
  7. adena rates are screwed

    I understand your feelings bro but....the more harder , the more interesting.... BUT , this is just my opinion.
  8. Can I buy EWC from any shop NPC?

    Nope , you can't buy them from npc :/.
  9. Please increase the spoil rates !

    Thank you bro ! So i won't give up the spoiler and raise the level ! Have a good day my friend.
  10. Titan level 38 (just started few days ago) looking for Romanian or International clan.
  11. Help dark wizard

    Twister and aura burn , yes , at low level.And vampiric touch to absorb HP from target. Body To Mind (1) (spellbook) Active Magical 0 0 5500 Sacrifices HP to regenerate MP. Use this skill at level 25 to regenerate the Mana. At level 30 . use this to regenerate HP from a death corpse : "Corpse life drain" Active Magical 14 400 10500 Drains HP from corpses and uses it to restore your HP.
  12. Quest 40+

    Hello . the next quest line will begin again only at level 70. Until then , you can do the daily quests that will unlock at lvl 35 - 40 .....and so on , on diffrent zones requiring to kill an amount of monsters in that zone.
  13. newbie problems

    Borther . down , in the right corner you have "Missions" click there > click "Growth" > redeem the dual swords that they give u for free at level 15 or 20 , i can't remember. you will also get a D grade amor set after completing a quest from gludio , from the NPC "Captain Bathis"
  14. Do something about spoil rates please ! The spoiler is kinda useless
  15. Classic servers are dead ?

    It doesn't look death for me ....
  16. WTB Titan weapon.

    Looking for a titan 2h sword C-B grade. Message me here in forum the detail.
  17. Yes. It's like 1.5x Exp for 2 weeks.