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  1. It’s time!!! Oh wait.... 2 more hours , maybe. Anyways, come chill with us on discord until this launch hits. Also if you still looking for a chill grp to play L2 with, check us out!
  2. Alright , launch approaches! We will have peeps playing at launch and on. If you looking for a chill group having fun and tearing up some mobs, come hop in discord, level and hang. Or if your not able to play, we will have a few players streaming so check em out!
  3. Looking for patch notes.
  4. Yeah def swing by, also we hope that there is a lot of new players checking out L2 during classic. A lot of us talk bout the initial launch and all the good times and memories. Planning to make some more in classic!
  5. Mby delay opening day ????

    - just made me go Forest Whitaker!!...
  6. bump this back for the old school crew
  7. sounds like the majority of us @Amkzul would recommend popping on discord to get a feel of the group and see what you think! Most of us played initial launch in our teens and now have family's and work, just wanting to enjoy the game again like it use to be!
  8. Lionna and Erica for a few of us.
  9. Empire is Recruiting! - Talking Island Server

    lets do this! Come on discord and chat us up.
  10. Server launch time

    thinking and hoping the same if not sooner.
  11. pretty sure you can just run out but that blue stone get some shot quest is like a free level and takes 5 seconds.
  12. just made a purchase using paypal... from US.