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  1. Stones (Holy/Earth...)

    Kamael Village to Isle of Souls Harbor to Stronghold II or III. I forget which. There is a quest either way. It's level 90ish.
  2. Stones (Holy/Earth...)

    This works, too, but you have to do it a few times in order to get enough level 60 stones for an entire armor set. You can also get the 150 stone this way, too, for your weapon, but it costs more mentee marks naturally. Also, keep in mind that the stones purchased with marks from the Mentor Guide are not tradeable. Only the mentor can buy the stones and place them on your character's armor. You will need to trade your armor to the mentor, if the armor is on another character who is not the mentor.
  3. Stones (Holy/Earth...)

    I got them in Dragon's Valley, Cemetery, Altar, Kartia, Blazing Swamp, just not in high numbers. They are also given as quest reward. I forget the names of the quests, but you get 10 of them at a time. Last place to get them, also rare, Is when you see those special Dimensional Chests pop up on the hunting grounds. Click on it and it takes you to a brief instance where you talk with a demon, play a game of chests, and blow up barrels to get various buffs. I saw one of those just the other day in Altar.
  4. Extremely profitable for some people

    Agree about the demon weapons. But they knew that when they came up with the stupid reward. Inevitably the weapons were going to find their way into the hands of already rich and powerful individuals who were going to keep a tight lock on them.
  5. Flash sale?

    +++++++++100000 I need a flash sale for Dragon Shirts, Cloaks, Determination/Protection crystals, and a bunch of other sales that I missed out on because I was out of the country. Please, please, please. It's Labor Day weekend, but make it feel like Christmas.