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  1. Need help to auto healing (Macro)

    /target %party1 /useskill heal /target %party1 /delay 20 Extra /target insures your box stays followed. Delay needs to about 20-30 seconds to not go out of mana.
  2. Communicating in the game.

    Lvl 26. You should see a system message when you try to talk low level.
  3. How can you level up?

    There are many other zones if you care to look at the map. It's true Ruins of Agony is the best spot, but it's a lost cause. Just go to Abandoned Camps and start on the 1x mobs. Daily missions will get you up quick.
  4. Just to be devil's advocate, but this game is still designed around a party. Not 1 person solo afk farming everything. An active bd/sws assisting would make a significant difference in dps, but they are pure buff bots and still taking up slots. I wonder if people actually played the game how different it would be.
  5. Use melody buff if you are that intent. WC is not hard. A lot of people do it.
  6. This isn't all about bot farmers. Game balance has to be considered around players. As soon as they increase adena and people are still boxing 2 full parties the game will break. If only players hold to the actual client limit can they truly consider balancing the game around that, but that will never be the case. It is already the case with some running 100s of accounts. This soft limit will not change the fact for determined players to still run 2 full parties. All it takes is another pc.
  7. It's possible to see adjustments after the client limit is in place. They should've done this from the beginning because you have to factor in the realities of unlimited free accounts. Now there is a soft limit so they can consider increasing the adena rate. Not to say that being able to box full parties for free and afk solo isn't already a huge benefit for this game. Let's have some perspective. 2 pcs 10 clients each. Full party + store toon. Any dedicated player can easily achieve this. There are plenty of people not running 2 full parties. It's bit of an exaggeration. Adena shop is a good mechanism that rewards real players over bots. They can also consider increasing the daily limit on shots/ores. All in all I think it is a step in the right direction to have some form of a client limit. Game balance is heavily contingent on the extent of multi-boxing.
  8. I am almost certain the drop rate gets dispersed or averaged out as to not be completely useless. I only have one account with vip and notice when I party with random people. Another idea is kicking your buffers out. You only need VIP 8 to hit the drop rate cap.
  9. You use another pc to get around this. The limit is by hwid.
  10. Classic it's unplayable for newcomers

    The vendor price changes were recent. It wasn't always like that and so much has changed since launch. They still give you free c duals that don't need shots until 40+. Keep in mind this game used to have a subscription. If you want a subscription you go back farming a month for top NG. I don't think it's that fun and those illegal servers aren't that glamorous either. An initial $20 investment for the starter pack will last you a long time and will get you settled in. I don't think it's much. The very top end is absurd, but you still expect L2 to be L2. Most classic players probably never even got 70+ anyways.
  11. Classic it's unplayable for newcomers

    I've been assuming the mat costs were changed in relation to the announced crafting update, but it seems they went ahead and nerfed it before the system was implemented. Same thing with fishing. I'm still holding out on the changes and probably the next patch at this point. I suggest and you basically have to get the starter packs, but it will easily last you to 70+ for a reasonable price. Also check the adena shop for cheaper shots and ores, but the starter pack will last you quite a bit. Just get the high grade pack for $10 or so.
  12. MP regeneration in Hunting zones

    I made a new character that's having this problem? No parties. I hit 99 and suddenly run out of mana. Up until then my mana wouldn't even go down. What do you even do about mana on live? I literally can't figure out how to even play this game.
  13. plated leather set

    You are talking about one mob, Ossiud, but there are other mobs. All 4 pieces are accounted for on wiki.
  14. Classic servers are dead ?

    It's strange because no one has taken Giran Castle on TI either, but there was a castle siege last week as I watched it. Now that there is only one castle there seems to be some major politics going on with the top clans and players. Like they purposefully don't take it because it's just one castle and it puts a major target on them. There are definitely a lot of bullying that happens. Targetted pks and harrassment. So if you are the clan that has the castle you might be just be a walking target by everyone. It would be exceptionally difficult from near the 80s if you get camped and targetted with dedicated red chars to prevent you from farming and leveling. There are only a handful of clans and players capable of actually even contesting a castle so this doesn't mean much. There is something else. The top clan can easily prevent anything from happening on a server and all the bots are connected.