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  1. plated leather set

    You are talking about one mob, Ossiud, but there are other mobs. All 4 pieces are accounted for on wiki.
  2. Classic servers are dead ?

    It's strange because no one has taken Giran Castle on TI either, but there was a castle siege last week as I watched it. Now that there is only one castle there seems to be some major politics going on with the top clans and players. Like they purposefully don't take it because it's just one castle and it puts a major target on them. There are definitely a lot of bullying that happens. Targetted pks and harrassment. So if you are the clan that has the castle you might be just be a walking target by everyone. It would be exceptionally difficult from near the 80s if you get camped and targetted with dedicated red chars to prevent you from farming and leveling. There are only a handful of clans and players capable of actually even contesting a castle so this doesn't mean much. There is something else. The top clan can easily prevent anything from happening on a server and all the bots are connected.