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  1. Normal players can't solo raids to 76 regardless of programs or not and that wasn't the only reason listed either. Maybe you can tell us exactly you did raids to 76. With how many boxes and gear etc. There are plenty of grounds for suspicion.
  2. I don't have disconnects. I did troubleshooting and one of the problems was essentially bad internet. Run Speedtest and report your speed. Report your exact internet setup. How your pc connects. There could be numerous reason why this happens, but the fact is it doesn't happen to everyone so you need to stop assuming the issue is always with the servers.
  3. Thing is Cruma 2 now gives as much xp as elemental zones with drops up to 3000 adena, but this is hardly much. It will be overcrowded because there is a lack of options. Elemental zones are supposed to be for attribute xp, but it doubles as a xp zone and it shouldn't. There are all these other zones that go unused like Imperial Tombs because it's too hard even if it has good xp. Overall a pretty terrible and unfun situation.
  4. I don't see the character model at all during the character creation screen. I scanned file and no luck. It's been like this for awhile. Anyone else have this issue or way to fix?
  5. It would be great if people can share any recipes they have found and see if we can make a impromptu database here to help each other out. Confirmed drop for "Recipe: Theca Leather Armor". I believe this came from Plains of the Lizardmen, but don't remember. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Recipe:_Theca_Leather_Armor (not updated on wiki) Cruma 3 is now dropping Top C gear. All Full Plate, Theca Leather, Divine Set, Plated Leather Armor. Please share any spoil recipes from Cruma. Hopefully Full Plate recipes can be found here. Other lesser traveled zones have recip
  6. Recipes and Crafting Can you please confirm if the new drop tables are working? I've farmed Ragna Orc Prefect with 250% drop rate solo toon and haven't gotten a single recipe listed in the patch notes. Something wrong with Cemetary mobs? Not seen a single spoil on Roving Souls/Soul of Ruins. No drops AT ALL. Again with 250% drop rate solo toon. These 50 mobs drop less adena than 40 mobs. Reinforced Mithril Shirt Recipe spoil from Snipe. Not listed in patch notes. Recipe 100% Staff of Evil Spirits. Did this ever exist? Entire Full Plate recipes gone now. Both D
  7. Why does Spoil use 2 soulshots when other abilities like Power Crush uses one? Is this intended because it doesn't make sense. Some qol for spoilers would be nice. Spoil and Sweep are auto use, but it spams on cd and makes it pointless. Meanwhile a skill like Recharge isn't... Auto hunt makes it impossible to use Sweeper as you switch targets so fast and you purposefully set drop rates so low that playing actively is a complete waste of time. We know now that Adena and Spoil rate are separate from VIP as seen from events and a transform like Nymph, yet top recipes are usually spoil only.
  8. I had this problem on a different toon before, but not on my main. Auto hunt macro works so it seems to be something else that is causing the macro to stop looping. Try testing with all auto skills and items off.
  9. You might want to try the command /autoplayon instead. It does the same thing, but the macro is /autoplayon /autoplayoff.
  10. If you farmed a zone with drops like Silent Valley you can. The thing is most top players run a second full party to farm adena. They openly admit and accept it's necessary to play this game. Many of them have alts and boxes they use to farm adena in other places to supplement their main while the VIP 10 daily box provides a decent amount to subsist on. 6 mil is nothing anyways. It barely affords you 1 c grade weapon and what are you going to do after the starter pack gear expires? You get no drops along the way unless you have 300% item drop rate. The little bit of adena you get a
  11. I was hoping more hunting zone changes like Ketra etc. being farmable, but all it amounted to was another revamp of an old zone when a relative few can even do a 85-90 zone. Cruma would need to be 4x the size to accomodate everyone as many players farm adena with alts and taking up more space. Devils Isle is completely locked down by a handful for this same reason. Parking a toon to farm adena 24/7. While the other zones are too difficult to do. At least give us options because this is the root of problem. Party side in Devils Isle was difficult even for a 80 when it's a 70-75 zon
  12. I don't like how the auto camera zooms in. I turned it off. Meanwhile this game still doesn't remember the support shortcut window settings. I kind of liked the old 5 shortcut bar UI better. It would be nice if the UI could be worked on.
  13. It's a drop. Anyone can pick it up. Depends on your party loot rules. Default is usually Finders Keepers.
  14. There were no drops at all so what's the difference. Cruma 2 gives as much xp as lower levels in elemental zones with drops all the way to 80 now. They just need to make all the other 80 zones available to us instead of making it so difficult no one can do it.
  15. Pretty much exactly what everyone does is afk until 80 with the high grade starter pack. 40-55+ afk in cruma 55+ afk doom knights, massacre 70+ afk elemental zones You can get by with 1-2 boxes or use buff scrolls. You're not screwed, but there isn't really need for a party so no one does.
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