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  1. 'Anything below S should be removed from database and archived.' I agree with this!
  2. Stones (Holy/Earth...)

    Wow. Really thanks man. I see you had a lot of work doing this post. Thank you my friend!
  3. I'm 7 days on the server and I'm kind of feeling it already. I urgently need to change armor and weapon! Problem is 'adena' ... I'm lvl 101 and I can't kill the hellbound monsters and the quest is 8000 thousand monsters!
  4. Stones (Holy/Earth...)

    One more question. I used the stones and managed to put only lvl 4 in the armor (helmet). How do I put lvl higher? I've seen people with lvl 7!
  5. Put SERVER STATUS on game launcher

    I agree too!
  6. Stones (Holy/Earth...)

    Dude you are an angel! Thank you so much. Thank you for helping me and answering
  7. Stones (Holy/Earth...)

    Great thanks a lot! And what would be the best combination of 'farm' elements? I'm not thinking about 'PVP' right now... Thanks so much man! This 60 stones for armor and 150 for weapon is very important, I would buy all 150 for armor: P
  8. Stones (Holy/Earth...)

    Well, I actually drop 2 stones 'in the Cemetery'. As for the quests I will try to do some to see if I win as a reward. This does not work for the current version of the game. I will try to do these quests... Where is this place? I didn't find him on the map ...
  9. Stones (Holy/Earth...)

    How do I get these stones to put on armor then? I notice I'm weak ... I think this might help me
  10. Stones (Holy/Earth...)

    Hello guys I am new at Lineage 2 Choronos Server. I wanna know. Where can I drop earth/holy/fire stones? There a list of mobs? Can someone help me with that? Thanks!