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  1. PK Festival - 85 to 105 zones

    New pk system will drop dragon weapon!
  2. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    This is a 2019 topic and we are in 2020 having the same problem! With 0 solution!
  3. Returning Player - Lots of Questions

    What happened to my recipes and mats? I have a lvl 65 Warsmith and he had boatloads of recipes and mats. Yesterday when I opened his recipe book there is nothing. I suspect the removal of mats was intentional, but was the removal of recipes also intentional? Last patch 'change' the mats itens and recipes. If it is normal my mats and recipes were removed, then how do I craft Blessed Spirit Shot and Soul Shot for A, S and R grade? You will not use soul shot A, and if you creat a new toon you will get soul shot R and recipes to craft shoul shot R and bless shots R. Old skills removed? I noticed about 75% of my toons' skills were grayed out on my bar and unusable. Did an update remove most of the original skills? I have toons ranging from lvl 10 through 90. Yes. They delete a lot of 'old skills'. How do you make money? The economy has seen insane inflation from my old L2 days. When I kill mobs I gain about 600 adena. How do I earn enough adena to buy anything? The cost just for R Soul and Spirit Shot is insane. My toons also do not have a ton of new armor/accessory pieces and the prices for those items are well above what I have. Well you can farm 'good adena' only if you have spend a lot of real money on the game (to kill fast and high level places). What I recommend? Build a new toon. And if you are a real l2 'crazy' like me... You will need spend some money... Just a lil to get a 'bost'. You will not 'get to the top players'... You will need like A LOT OF MONEY. LIKE A HOUSE/SPORT CAR MONEY.
  4. High Latency Experienced After Game Update

    I believe it is time to invest in new technologies and structures for the server to support more people and from all over the world ... Maybe local servers to reduce latency ...
  5. Hello there Question: The New Legendary Dyes, for exemple Legendary Dye Lv. 1 (P. Atk.) STR +3, DEX +3. What the % or status for the (P. Atk) on the this Dyes? Thanks!
  6. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    I keep and I close. Random DC anyway! Yes! No! ------------- Don't forget it ( https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15183-random-client-disconnect/ ) @Juji @Hime
  7. random client disconnect

    I got one DC only in my ISS today... My shop in Aden don't...
  8. Typical day of FS farming LB

    Really cool video!
  9. noob needs party advice

    Just by getting the target the toon will follow?
  10. random client disconnect

    Problem only in Brazil and Argentina. If u are in USA u should't have this problem. But is a real thing!
  11. Diploma for R grade

    Did u 'Awakening'? This NPC in Gludio where u do all the other quest need to have a quest for you. If not, go look in Gludio church or go in Aden (down the stairs). Open ALT+U and look if u don't have any quests...
  12. Diploma for R grade

    Yes. Get quest in Gludio (Tarti) or in Aden (NPC down the stairs). With this quest u will get until lvl 100...
  13. Spoil - something is wrong

    Some mobs in cemetery the rate os spoil is: 3.307% — 4.047% In Silence is: 0.5% — 1% What quest of cemetery?
  14. I'm an old player (C3), but I'm getting frustrated ... Can I really only get to a certain level (for free) and after that, goodbye fun? What do you recommend?
  15. 3 clients = no random disconnect? If so then I agree...