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  1. random client disconnect

    I got one DC only in my ISS today... My shop in Aden don't...
  2. Typical day of FS farming LB

    Really cool video!
  3. noob needs party advice

    Just by getting the target the toon will follow?
  4. random client disconnect

    Problem only in Brazil and Argentina. If u are in USA u should't have this problem. But is a real thing!
  5. Diploma for R grade

    Did u 'Awakening'? This NPC in Gludio where u do all the other quest need to have a quest for you. If not, go look in Gludio church or go in Aden (down the stairs). Open ALT+U and look if u don't have any quests...
  6. Diploma for R grade

    Yes. Get quest in Gludio (Tarti) or in Aden (NPC down the stairs). With this quest u will get until lvl 100...
  7. Spoil - something is wrong

    Some mobs in cemetery the rate os spoil is: 3.307% — 4.047% In Silence is: 0.5% — 1% What quest of cemetery?
  8. I'm an old player (C3), but I'm getting frustrated ... Can I really only get to a certain level (for free) and after that, goodbye fun? What do you recommend?
  9. 3 clients = no random disconnect? If so then I agree...
  10. You all say 'pay to win'. And me if you don't want to spend 1 dollar on the game. I have no right to have fun? Anyway, I'd even be happy if it were just 3 clients, AS long as the game was stable and there was no RANDOM DISCONNECT! Maybe I would even spend a little money...
  11. random client disconnect

    I refuse to believe that, I traded pirated servers for the officer. And in OFFICIAL the game is less stable than in pirates! Random disconnect AGAIN! 11:13 GMT -2
  12. New players can't do nothing if they don't have 6 boxes. U need gear to farm solo in lvl 100+. So new players are not welcome for you?
  13. I did not get it right. This month there will be no Olympics then?
  14. Today at 10:20 GMT-2. I get DC with my 2 toons
  15. Letter Collector Event: A failure

    Look the time drops increase. Here is working just fine. Letter Drop Probability Schedule Server Time Drop Probability 00:00 – 10:00 1x 10:00 – 18:00 4x 18:00 – 00:00 8x
  16. Thanks for the reply! For information, today I had no problem with disconnecting.
  17. Hello @Juji With all due respect some players are having disconnect issues. Will this be examined in this maintenance? https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15183-random-client-disconnect/ https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15261-3x-dc-in-1-hour-only-me/ Thanks!
  18. Make a Dual Class in Aden NPC. U will 'get' armor, jewel and weapon of the class u chose to be Dual
  19. random client disconnect

    2 mim and DC. GMT-2 (21:15) https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/222222222222222222-jpg-ae219c4b-c6f3-40a2-b1a4-a88ff8135e5e And When I try to login in. It's impossible to play. The game is 'slow'... I hope this info can help resolve this
  20. Losting ~1FPS/hour on macro

    Yeap. Everyhour u do 'autohunt' u will lose FPS...
  21. 3x DC in 1 hour. Only me?

    This is hap with Chronos ppl only... (Apparently so far). But, thanks for responding and informing the community!
  22. Hello I'm a new player (2 weeks) It turns out that today, I took 'DC' 3 times in less than 1 hour. I play with 2 'toons' one wizard and one life. But, today I'm sorry, it's impossible. Is it something here only? Or something that management should be informed about?
  23. Dragon Shirt

  24. When will i be able to create a charachter?

  25. random client disconnect

    Same problem... (Sorry. I made a Topic and after that I see this topic). 19:17 GMT-2 = Disconnect When I can relog. The game is extremely slow. I type 'a' in chat and it takes a long time to appear.