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  1. Booting

    Update here youtube link with booting proof! I have send a lot of petition with booting prof but GM are not interested :).
  2. Nice, now adena become from 0,5$ / 1kk , 0,3$ /kk 😂
  3. So any ideea for a funny illegal server? I wana play, because i love this game 😁. And is same thinks, can use auto farm program to all server :))
  4. Again nothink about us ticket! So we still dont care about this game
  5. I have send a video, with booting Boys (full party) from the week ÃŪn which booting was off. And admin told me this is not a prof... Wtf!!!!!!! Admin have boot at farm adena. This is my oppinion, this is why nothing happen
  6. Server Fix !

    22 days and nothing happen, Best team of NCsoft
  7. Item drop 100%, so we have more item for distruction or we can sell for 0 adena :).
  8. We dont care about this update, just lose time..... I hope you know to do another thinks, because Lineage2 classic is over for a lot of ppl.
  9. Server Fix !

    So, bye bye my lover, bye bye NCsoft?! Guys if you find/make a good server of L2 just let me know.
  10. We dont care right now about this Dont ignore us and Take a look at Server Fix
  11. Server Fix !

    I agree! IF YOU GUYS LEFT SERVER just told me where to play, because i wana play 😂
  12. numbers

    If they start to unite servers, is clear, a lot of people left this game, because they have a lot of reason to left :). This classic does not catch the end of years :). They make enought money, is time to close it :).
  13. Buy more from NCsoft, after they can close classic :). I reduse to buy more because they dont care to much about about players oppinion. I respect WOW team, there pay to play but GM are there, all time.
  14. https://ibb.co/12F7T4c