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  1. So any ideea for a funny illegal server? I wana play, because i love this game 😁. And is same thinks, can use auto farm program to all server :))
  2. Again nothink about us ticket! So we still dont care about this game
  3. I have send a video, with booting Boys (full party) from the week în which booting was off. And admin told me this is not a prof... Wtf!!!!!!! Admin have boot at farm adena. This is my oppinion, this is why nothing happen
  4. Server Fix !

    22 days and nothing happen, Best team of NCsoft
  5. Item drop 100%, so we have more item for distruction or we can sell for 0 adena :).
  6. We dont care about this update, just lose time..... I hope you know to do another thinks, because Lineage2 classic is over for a lot of ppl.
  7. Server Fix !

    So, bye bye my lover, bye bye NCsoft?! Guys if you find/make a good server of L2 just let me know.
  8. We dont care right now about this Dont ignore us and Take a look at Server Fix
  9. Server Fix !

    I agree! IF YOU GUYS LEFT SERVER just told me where to play, because i wana play 😂
  10. numbers

    If they start to unite servers, is clear, a lot of people left this game, because they have a lot of reason to left :). This classic does not catch the end of years :). They make enought money, is time to close it :).
  11. Buy more from NCsoft, after they can close classic :). I reduse to buy more because they dont care to much about about players oppinion. I respect WOW team, there pay to play but GM are there, all time.
  12. https://ibb.co/12F7T4c
  13. Wts B grade Set!

    https://ibb.co/whgfvRm Ofert me!
  14. 74+ whit B grade and no weapon

    They saw that you can play without donating and by the update the try to stop this possibility. pay to NCsoft but buy adena from GMs boots