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  1. Welcome to the most corrupt game :)). You can find a lot of evidence (youtube) with ppl with boot program but with some $$$ you can do what you wana :))
  2. Soon you Will buy from L2Store item, dont need more to farn :))
  3. W8 bro, soon we Will find weapon în Shop, maybe weapon with some enchants :)).
  4. At next event, The XP taken from mobs Will be stoped? And we can buy only from Shop? :))
  5. They dont care about us.... I think This is The Last year of l2classic. În the next event maybe they close XP from mobs, and you can take XP only from Shop :))
  6. This game îs down, they try to make The Last money, after game Will be closed
  7. Gillian what scrips use bro? Use pick at all map în Silent Valley. GG
  8. You've got to modify The quest and mission în the game (like ruins of agony) just s-o that adena Farmers can make ends meet :)) How much i most pay to late me with ilegal program? Its clear, some one pay for This privillege. We have all dren video with ,, DPG,, and many other using scripts and some ilegal program. What îs The punishment for such a thing? IT îs certainly not punished with ban considering that they are still on The server.
  9. Update here youtube link with booting proof! I have send a lot of petition with booting prof but GM are not interested :).
  10. Nice, now adena become from 0,5$ / 1kk , 0,3$ /kk ?
  11. So any ideea for a funny illegal server? I wana play, because i love this game ?. And is same thinks, can use auto farm program to all server :))
  12. Again nothink about us ticket! So we still dont care about this game
  13. I have send a video, with booting Boys (full party) from the week în which booting was off. And admin told me this is not a prof... Wtf!!!!!!! Admin have boot at farm adena. This is my oppinion, this is why nothing happen
  14. 22 days and nothing happen, Best team of NCsoft
  15. Item drop 100%, so we have more item for distruction or we can sell for 0 adena :).
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