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  1. Dream Game

    By #d00vani Some things that dont make sense: 1. You cant sell to the shop materials B grade are all 0 adenas 2.Soulshot, spirit ore, sayas buff scroll, xp scrolls etc are not tradable (why is that?) 3.Fishing xp is decreased like 3000% fish stew are very expensive (you could buy a stew with 5 fish and now you need 50) 4. Adena drop are the same while everything is more expensive(+topic 1) 5.Macro is not working at all not even to follow a player 6. When you log out and then log in all the skills or scrolls that u had activated are still activated 7. Why we lost the dmg window? 8.Why we lost the 5th bar from the skills? now we have more things to have on the bar and insted of increasing the bars now are decreased 9. We cant see our targets buff/debuff 10.All the buffs are in a single line 11.Whats the point for spoilers to have spoil and sweep on auto when it never sweep the mob it just chage target when the mob is dead + they can sell anything at the store? 12. On Elf tank and all classes with cubics why the cubics are not in reuse? 13. Why the buffs, danses, songs are not in reuse? Thats the things i saw at this point Thanks
  2. So no macro?

    If you play 12 hrs/Day and you are not în top players and top clans.... You are a little noob :)) wtf you lose 12 hrs to listen Giran song? :))
  3. New Player - where to focus?

    Just log and Take a look, îs full of booting char for adena
  4. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    To play Wow you have to pay monthly, in the same direction goes Lineage 2 unfortunately. We will probably go to illegal servers, for pvp and so on.
  5. Divine Power Hide Horror Mustic Immunity Shield Deflect Magic Sprint Sharing Stigma of shilen Summon binding cubic Summon spark cubic Curse death link Amulet Seak of silent
  6. I got ban from forum because i ask what îs better for îs, pay for starter pack or buy boot program :)) I try to farm solo but îs imposibile, full of Ponny every where :))
  7. Macro

    This is why i start on classic, for Free booting 😂😂😂
  8. What îs The difference between a boot and a macro? I think a lot of ppl use boot program.
  9. Disconnects ....

    I have same Problem, NCsoft decide to disconnect me every Day, some time i get dc 2-3 Time per day
  10. Macro

    Any ideas on how to produce the right macro for a Elemental Summoner to lvl afk with the auto-farm system on? Thx!