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  1. It is a useless and outdated skill: it is weak... frustrating damage. it is expensive because it spends Spirit Ore. The cost benefit of Damage VS Cost is terrible.
  2. There is no point anymore, just legacy items. They should automatically convert the following items into retributers: Antharas Buster Lindvior Caster Valakas Caster/Buster Akamanah/Zarich Caster/Buster These items are too much expensive to be transformed into legacy items.
  3. I made a comparison based on Dragon Weapons. Previouly to this last update, retributes were a way to lose matk and pdef, but now they are better. https://imgur.com/a/wKUAaLF
  4. I just don’t understand why low level areas (lv108-lv113) reward the same 5~6bi XP of high level areas (lv115-lv117) where mobs are stronger and need to receive more damage to be killed by players that need more XP to level up. ????????
  5. Lets talk about reallity, I guess server transfer will no be available anymore. With only 2 servers, one of them may become empty, what is a not interesting risk for NCWest. There is no technical reason for the unavailability of this service for such a long time, and there is no reason for the lack of information about it. Conclusion: it is a proposital/intentional business decision.
  6. I ask myself if complainers that say "good party times should be back" are composed by: People that never drop a cake for the party People with no occupation who can stay for hoooooours waiting to complete a party... it includes teenagers who have a lot of dummy time. Support classes who believe that DD players should afford their game... like children that say "my parents should pay my bills, i'm a victim". Some more truths about l2: N-account limit isn't related to botting, the botters will continue working normally... are you surprised? Ohhhhhhh People wi
  7. You could keep the big vitality pack along all the 200% boost event duration, just a Tip.
  8. I have never heard such a bad solution. But i will give you some reasons: * What a hell would you buy such an expensive machine to use only for... games? Clearly you are not a dev... * Game machines have perfect resources for developers, even the video card GPU may be used to run neural networks for data scientists and etc. * Virtual Machines? They are heavy, outdated and take a lot of resources of the host machine. I’m not going to degrade even more the performance of dev tools or games. Anyway, forget virtual machines, use Docker containers But the main reason is not te
  9. I always get scared with happenings like that, cause I also use my machine to work. Mainly java and python but sometimes visual studio is necessary. Scare also because they interact with us as audience but not as customers.
  10. Prepare to lose all 1st 2nd 3rd Job skills they all are going to be deleted and replaced by "novice" versions of awakened skills. Sad but true The end of tricks with 3rd Job skills hahaha. Patch Notes [Skill] 1. Classes 1 ~ 85 level with the reorganization of the skill, including a special skill, including a number of skills have been deleted and reorganized. Korean Wiki Below, links to updated korean Wiki about 1-85 Skills, look as they have been simplified: Soultaker: http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/소울테이커+스킬 Sagitarius: http://lineage2.power.play
  11. I agree, NCSoft has never been good on designing the summoner gameplay... not using summons but the marks is like an Archer not using arrows but dot debuffs... something seems wrong here. One of the main summoner problems is the "scalling" issue: Pet abilities does not scale very well as the owner abilities scale. Servitor Share + Equipment Share were made for that purpose as a kind of workaround, but as we can see they are not working: Why 2 skills for sharing? Why they are buffs but not passives? Most ppl believe that "Equipment Share" still shares only pvp/pve attrib
  12. The summoners main skills are the summons, not the marks, as the class name tell us: Summoner, not Markmoner. The debuff role is more suitable for necromancers, overlords and iss enchanters gameplay. But OK, summons are broken and only the marks are working for pvp as such an OP dot, but it is not the correct gameplay for summoners since they dont need the summon to fight... Your complaint would be about gameplay, not about marks. Anyway the summoner update is coming packed with Fafurion update, so wait for it.
  13. Hi, I’m soultaker107/storm105. The greatest difference from soultaker to other feohs is that it has no mana barrier (95% damage reduction), but has pet+transfer pain (70% damage reduction). Transfer pain is better for PVE, Mana Barrier is better for PVP. Consequences: * Soultaker is the best class for solo mass PVE: I can solo groups of mobs in high end areas, what was not possible to do as Storm with same gear, even with a healer. That is possible thanks to Tranfer Pain (high survivability) + Knock Down (the best AOE crowd control). No mobs in L2 map resists to knock down, whi
  14. Only 5 enchant scrolls for 10k ncoin? Just to fail all of them and lose money? I'm sorry but not ;P no sense event, no sense price, more ppl leaving
  15. I don't understand why good geared players like Afum and Fotomoto are complaining about a so easy instance... You two know u have choosen a PVP path and not a PVE path, it is natural to face more difficulty using PVP items. I use PVE items (+10set, +12wpn, +10 cloak) in two feohs (lv100 and lv106) and the instance was easy for both. Concluding, im PVE so I die in PVP, u are PVP so u die in PVE, it is just a matter of choosing your build.
  16. You should have told it is account based reward, not player based
  17. Replace: * Frintezza > Valakas * Dark Caster > Bloody Caster * Caster+Sigil is better for solo PVE, matk increment given by retributer is irrisory, I would even say it is a preciosity. More: * Always use paagrio, Pom and Wiz2 if possible. * Increase element attack * High matk for pve is mandatory, don’t use SA for mana or HP. * Augment your wpn with 15% critical damage * At least a sapphire/opal lv3 * All dyes for INT Im Feoh Soultaker and do kamaloka solo in 7min to 10min. I use Earth Element, not the best for kamaloka but I need it
  18. No Antharas Burster in the list at http://www.lineage2.com/en/news/store-promos/artifact-box-promo-aug-2018.php ?
  19. Care on who do you call botters. Enlightening the people on what they have to deal with is now illegal and frowned upon? ... Let me teach you about text interpretation: Oh common... stop alarming other ppl my dear Boters Here, we have two references: botters and other ppl. Both are subjective references for not specified individual: you may be a botter or u may be other ppl, I don’t know what you are, but we know both kind of users exist, which is the motivation for an anti-cheat tool and the main topic of this post, right? Anyway, I’m not affected by the law s of your co
  20. Oh common... stop alarming other ppl my dear Botters As developer and after a very simple google search, i found that many other professional technical teams have chosen this tool as the most suitable for security purposes after much research and experimentation. Eg: Combat Arms: http://combatarms.uol.com.br/novidades/comunicados/conheca-o-xigncode3-a-nova-ferramenta-de-seguranca-do-jogo Blade & Souls: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002578303-What-Is-XIGNCODE3- TERA PC: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/27159/xigncode3-and-tera-pc
  21. When I pay for NCOIN, u give me an event item with an unknown and very small chance to give me the real item I want. I may spent U$2000 or more and I will probably get trash items only. Ok right, L2 is basically a cassino: u give the money but may not receive the “real wanted item” in exchange. Usually, when u pay for something (cinema, cloth stores, supermarket, etc) u receive the desired item in exchange! So, to be fair, let’s change the rules a bit. I pay for NCOIN to get the event item and probably not the desired item... but NCSoft also has an unknown low chance to receive the paid m
  22. Please, tell us the timezone of dates you informed for XP boost
  23. I just can't play due to this bug... just one account logged. See: frontend font bug
  24. Hello, Lets be pragmatic... NCSoft implemented the macro system cause game automation is a trend in games with repetitive actions, so it is just a requirement to stay up to date. Also, this kind of feature has some advantages: Popularity - players are more inclined to join a game with better automation. Bot Control - players are more inclined to avoid the usage of third party automation programs, a common problem/disease of RPG/MMORPG games. Health - protects players from repetitive strain injury and protects the company from being processed. Some companies are be
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