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  1. If can afford to pay $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ you can come back if not to even install the game again
  2. No more New Items Please

    Good evening Ladies and Gents The server is spit to people that spent thousands a dollars to become Top 1 and people that to have fun with their friends on Vent and can't afford to spend so much money for a game..So after so many years the gap of the gear of the players is so disspointing.That happend not from NcSoft but from the Top players that now crying about the new God Jewels cause spending so much money NcSoft become greedy and bring more events p2w after all a comapany main goal is to earn more but now i saw in the post o weiner" people kill themselves" and "its not fun cause i pvp lower gear people bla bla bla " that is your fault.If people stoped buying all these things then the message will be delivered to NcSoft and they propably trying to make a better game.I hear often from Top players our money keeping the servers up.Did we asked you to become our saviors??? think not .....so we all quit and the 20 Top Cows stay alone to deed server and play hide a seek The solution is simple don't buy items from event for the new jewels people can make this fail and NcSsof remove all these ,as long people buying these items GMs will laught with you and all these posts will be useless
  3. the adena always coming from the bots since i started the game back 2006 !
  4. maybe the big plan of NcSoft is all people break their jewels for the new items and after they fail of doing them high lvl all start buy that 2500 ncoin pack to have the old jewels XD!
  5. this thing is crazy if someone wants to make a kain necklase1-6 if all is success you need 12.390 items at shops in giran they sell it for 68m each so you need 842b adena +elcyum+gems+the adena of each stage hahahahaha and you must success all cause is random high/average why you add this jewels i trying to think a good reason ! many players think of quiting and change game hope noone play this event and noone buy this jewels so this system fail and you remove it
  6. approximately 9 hours. is that a new record for typical Wednesday maintenance ??? @GTX hours hours of what? we lost all 9 hours of lost rune xp/ drop / freya ... we want compesation... stop be bad with the l2 population if you want that stop buying Ncoins maybe then tjey do their job better
  7. how hard is to remove the items etc you want at Wednesday maintance ??? and not mess with people exp/nstances/olys ! @Cillin maybe they dont know how to do that ,maybe hire new staff????
  8. don't press the NcSoft team mate first let them fix ss bugs and etc and after we willl see for update hahahahaha
  9. oh really??? does NcSoft for one time do what it says 3h 45 mins and not more thinkabout it !
  10. SS BUG

    Can you plz fix the ss bug !!! al time ss not working messing our exp and instances kkty:)
  11. [Salvation] Abilities for ISS and SA (Weapon)?

    body/HPsoul/siegel best for iss
  12. Iss Spectral Dancer

    for weapon just buy tauti duals not so expensive and good for iss
  13. Change main class

    this it would be a nice service cause many people want to change their mains and not lose items and quests that took months to complete maybe bring back that main sub s ervice that i also used in past and after at libra you can change like Hydro the useless summoner
  14. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    NcSoft one more time dissapoiting players as usually. That msg from L2 stuff is bla bla bla bla ...... 1 day before update no pach notes ???? you failed to do the job in my world : "You're fired Mcfly "
  15. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    yeah Down buy more Ncoins people a0x0a0x0a0x0ax0aaxaaaa