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  1. You must extend the server boosts until you fix the servers ... so we have xp event for life because you will never fix the lag !
  2. they are just 2 juji and hime so who will fire who ??
  3. i think wrote it on discord that investigating don't know what but he is investigating years now should have found the problem until now
  4. juji investigating again ??? Lord save us !!!
  5. the only solution is top pvp players/clans to stop buying thousands ncoins and demand NcSoft fix the rates,rewards ,lag etc i think if NcSoft sees that profit going to zero maybe then fix something until then you will sending tickets and noone will respond and why respond they earn thousands $$ even with all these problems
  6. so if you are good at copy/paste you can find a job as a GM in NcSoft ????
  7. when event cloak is up i wish many do +15 cloaks so i can buy one cheap with adena. I will never use ncoins for cloak event because i have many friends that failed a lot and many people also in forums saying how much crap is this event. NcSoft must fix the success rate so people that spending money on this event at least can take something good
  8. i can't understand why you not allowed to post xp tables a, friend that plays on EU they give them the xp tables
  9. why only 100?? and not for all! just put a limit 1 per acount so all people can get it ... ncsoft black friday joke finished before start after maintenance finsh gf @Juji
  10. so the answer of NcSoft @Juji to all of players complements is a herb ????? and you think that you fix all the problems that people now have with the new update by putting a herb ????
  11. this update is for 1% of the population is for people that have 20k-30k$ characters and can exp in high lvl areas . instead of help lower lvls to reduce the gap of the lvls you try to push people to buy more boost to exp.the only good thing i have seen is that you can augment weapon/armor by clicking the stone instead of runnning to merchant to do that.You reduce the adena of the box from 3m to 1.2??? 2 people running to find spot to exp and cant find one FOS,FOW is empty all map is empty why that??? was so hard to put more mobs there??? so people can find easy spot to exp ???? you need 1200+
  12. https://twitter.com/LineageIIOps/status/1293555424147451904?s=20 [#LineageII] and [#LineageIIClassic] Maintenance will be delayed by 1 hour. We'll update once this is concluded. Thank you for your patience!
  13. and you need 2 different maintaince to release an in-game even ???? LOL!
  14. did you expept that they will do it right ??? every new update of smt need many weeks after to be completed hahahhahahahaha
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