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  1. we dont all have the same privileges in game if you spend $$$$$$$$ you have more from someone that spends $$
  2. maybe 1-2 days ban because friday olys and ncsoft dont want these people lose their matches
  3. Rollback ok ... but you will take the dragon weapons back from top clans??? or ...... like past with a dragon weapon stage 3 a player asked to give him back dw stage 2 so with the items of stage 3 can make one more stage1 or 2 i think ???
  4. like you???? your main in game is 231964596 ???
  5. Hi and welcome we have surious problems with dcs 10:00-12:00 GMT+3 can you please investigate the issue ??? if you need info about investigating can ask @Jujihe likes to investigate 1 year now !
  6. i totaly agree every day greek people have mass dc ... ofc they only care about people that spent a lot of money ... i sent petition about dc @Juji tell l2 stuff Jardyn.Eri.Rina all people saying that the test they wanted from me to do has nothing to do about the dc we have .... "fix that new stuff you got" because after that i started to have dc problems that never had before . ps my internet works fine your game not !
  7. 1.Greece 2.No 3.Disconect 3 times per day 4. Ketra/SOS
  8. was good xp event but the queue drive people crazy 455 people to enter game !!
  9. You must extend the server boosts until you fix the servers ... so we have xp event for life because you will never fix the lag !
  10. they are just 2 juji and hime so who will fire who ??
  11. i think wrote it on discord that investigating don't know what but he is investigating years now should have found the problem until now
  12. juji investigating again ??? Lord save us !!!
  13. the only solution is top pvp players/clans to stop buying thousands ncoins and demand NcSoft fix the rates,rewards ,lag etc i think if NcSoft sees that profit going to zero maybe then fix something until then you will sending tickets and noone will respond and why respond they earn thousands $$ even with all these problems
  14. so if you are good at copy/paste you can find a job as a GM in NcSoft ????
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