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  1. i think ncstaff is only one person @Juji and all others is alts accounts of @Juji that's why no one answer the questions ! when you will fix lag ???? disconects???no answer only we investigating the issue .... what answer is that ??? inspector gadget you invastigating the issue 10months+ and nothing happens we still all laughting about the "hardware fried" and the gifts angel cat wtf? and 7hours gm buffs !
  2. Server Disconnections - 5.21.2020

    i don't care who fault is ....one year now NC soft failed to fix lag and now dcs 7h gm buffs or angel cat is nothing for people that pays prestige pack-exp rune 200% every month so fix the server so we can play the game
  3. New players don't know what is exp! 2006 we killing 25mobs at ketra to take 0.01 at 76-77 lvl with no macro and now you just log your toon put macro on and leave....and now 1-85 30mins 85-99 1,5h and when you finish exlated quests you have gear .... i remember that to make my Dark crystal robe set back then was pain in ass because the dc helmet was so expensive .
  4. Artifact book lvl 3 price

    end game item on NcSoft ???? LOL !
  5. Clan Quest 280 per vs 560 a bug too?

    we dont play at core mate and i dont care what is going on core .....i cant understand why if it stays that reduction on clan pts quests they mess the clan system .You need 27m points for lvl 13 and they reduce the pts you can get from clan quests 50% ......
  6. Vitality and adena drops

    prestige rune running but where is the adena ??? after the fix of adena will give us again angel cat buff ???
  7. That's not fair, Juji!

    man they will "investigate" the issue hahahahahaahaha! gift from ncsoft prestige rune 30days??? angel cat ftw!!!!
  8. Clan Quest 280 per vs 560 a bug too?

    wait some months they will investigate the issue like the lag ......
  9. 1 year now you only check and do nothing !
  10. @juji remove the ranking system because that thing probably is one of the reason that we have lag.that thing trying to update all time the exp of palyers so it mess it all .2 cursed swords i don't care and think many players on Chronos because top pvp player all time hunting them and lvl up them on their castles
  11. @Juji you fried again the new hardware??? because lag is here again ! suprice ? no because i play from 2006 and util now all we hear is promises
  12. Its Tuesday the 29th of October 19:01 and still no patch notes @Juji @Cyan @Hime any one listening ???
  13. you dont need 3 pc you can have virtual and can log from a pc too many accounts
  14. yeah plz i have 20 accounts that will be nice hahahahaahhaha