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  1. Its Tuesday the 29th of October 19:01 and still no patch notes @Juji @Cyan @Hime any one listening ???
  2. you dont need 3 pc you can have virtual and can log from a pc too many accounts
  3. yeah plz i have 20 accounts that will be nice hahahahaahhaha
  4. i just want to play with no lag and no wait 2 hours to log to a game ....
  5. phone the Korean Dev TeAM to help you
  6. new maintenance I love this game 1h to log you play for 1h and after 1,5 h maintenance The Dev Team ROCKS!!!! I hope on their new job request dont write on section previous experience "NcSoft Dev Team" Hahahahahhaha i saw on post that " dev tema trying to fix it "mate the Dev Team FAILED ! every day they failing more and more
  7. Known Issue: Server Queues

    people let their chars on because they don't want to wait for second time on same day the queue ,its better to leave it on than to wait again 300 queue when i return home
  8. Known Issue: Server Queues

    if want to fix the lag problem and the bot issue is easy just return back to 2006 when to play the game we were paying 13$ per acount this trully free nowdays is not free at at all
  9. Known Issue: Server Queues

    200 queue omg !!!!
  10. Known Issue: Server Queues

    Koreans coming will fix all
  11. server is old and they trying all time to fix one thing and then another droke down !
  12. hahahahahahaahaha sadly that is the truth
  13. we lost our patience ! 1,5h to log to a game ?? wtf???? and dont forget to put to our warehouse the gift 7days rune 200% not that gm buffs that many players can take because of the diifference of hour we not all live in USA ......
  14. 300 Playrers queue

    guys guys you missing the point here ..... the message says "Avoid the waiting and go play on new gludio server " hahahahahaha do they try to push people to classic server???? i was on vacations for 6 days and that Dev Team desroyed the game wtf ???? ps Dev TeAM its summer so when you go out high temp on sun so wear hat and dring much water cause some one there had sunburn on brain to do that queue thing !
  15. back then needed 20 mobs at kentra on 76lvl to take 0.01 and with low gear so nowdays people must not complain You start the game and 1 day you are 99/85 an plus you have full set and weapon to finish my DC robe at 2006 was pain in ass
  16. if have +10 pve armor or bloody weap no need to upgrade armors/weaps to kill mobs 175b to upaggrade these thing omg! is better if have so much adena to get boss jewels
  17. FIX THE LAG!

    do you think that they care ??? the only thing that they care is when you'ii buy the next xp rune ! AND FIX THE LAG !!! DEV TEAM ON VACATION ???? and put tersi buff for one week to balance the lost of the lag and server down !
  18. If can afford to pay $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ you can come back if not to even install the game again
  19. No more New Items Please

    Good evening Ladies and Gents The server is spit to people that spent thousands a dollars to become Top 1 and people that to have fun with their friends on Vent and can't afford to spend so much money for a game..So after so many years the gap of the gear of the players is so disspointing.That happend not from NcSoft but from the Top players that now crying about the new God Jewels cause spending so much money NcSoft become greedy and bring more events p2w after all a comapany main goal is to earn more but now i saw in the post o weiner" people kill themselves" and "its not fun cause i pvp lower gear people bla bla bla " that is your fault.If people stoped buying all these things then the message will be delivered to NcSoft and they propably trying to make a better game.I hear often from Top players our money keeping the servers up.Did we asked you to become our saviors??? think not .....so we all quit and the 20 Top Cows stay alone to deed server and play hide a seek The solution is simple don't buy items from event for the new jewels people can make this fail and NcSsof remove all these ,as long people buying these items GMs will laught with you and all these posts will be useless
  20. the adena always coming from the bots since i started the game back 2006 !
  21. maybe the big plan of NcSoft is all people break their jewels for the new items and after they fail of doing them high lvl all start buy that 2500 ncoin pack to have the old jewels XD!
  22. this thing is crazy if someone wants to make a kain necklase1-6 if all is success you need 12.390 items at shops in giran they sell it for 68m each so you need 842b adena +elcyum+gems+the adena of each stage hahahahaha and you must success all cause is random high/average why you add this jewels i trying to think a good reason ! many players think of quiting and change game hope noone play this event and noone buy this jewels so this system fail and you remove it
  23. approximately 9 hours. is that a new record for typical Wednesday maintenance ??? @GTX hours hours of what? we lost all 9 hours of lost rune xp/ drop / freya ... we want compesation... stop be bad with the l2 population if you want that stop buying Ncoins maybe then tjey do their job better