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  1. Man,,, check your ISP or network... Restart PC and router... I log my 7 acc,, and all go fine! GL!
  2. i can log all my accounts,,, maybe u be banned? or what? share the msg error,, maybe i hv "in use" that account,, maybe a process broken... try restart your PC if u dont know how close that process...
  3. Im a "PLAYER" and i dont want Red Libra... I never use it,, is useless for my game style! sorry!!
  4. Man,, dont need a full party of lv20 to take 120 adenas per mob,,, but is needed a full party to take 120 adenas on lv76+ I dont see your point... i know,, u have a lots of years in this comunity,, but u are no aporting a lot with your comments!
  5. Please,,, its so annoying... Im farming in a FULL party lv 78 and i take same or less adena than a Lv 20 character farming alone!!??? reallY? GMs answers¿¿¿¿¿?????
  6. Well,, we can talk about next event if wanted... Maybe a seeds event introducting Venir talismans in the game.... And then a half PaytoWin event introducting A Brooch,, Jewels... Maybe a Topaz,, PVP Obsidian... and in December or maybe January !Kamael Update!!!
  7. Sure saber... its only for Keep it Up!... ^^
  8. Thnk to answer... but when i posted here the adena really are broked,,, not now... now are droping,, Low but are dropping...
  9. A couple of examples with parties level 65-70 Necropolis of patriots, 40 minutes in different rooms, not a part of armor, not a drop, not an adena, cost in teleportation and soulshots, a total loss, adding bad exp and SP Another example, fields of massacres, Zero ADENA ,, I know that the doomknigth do not give drop of any kind, but the other types of mobs are not at all either ... WOA no drop, increasingly lowers the chance to get the element stones ... I do not try to try other areas because they are purely lost ... I think the whole community is waiting for a quick response and
  10. WEll, check, u have 3 slots for items over there,,, the 1st broch 2nd brazlet 3rd slot for agathion,,, by default u are seeing brooch slot... click on brazalet for talisman, and see the magic! U see that arrow? well yeah that mean something...
  11. @Aurinya @Onirique@Amraith @Jujisucksdick Come Guys... Do some to Unlock the accounts, and check the antibot, or whatever this acc be blocked,,, my clan not is the only with this issues... and my ppl are not taking a real response from the support team...
  12. @Neutron @Conguero @whippleshuffle@PhoenixMitra I lossing ppl in my clan of this trouble with "Randoms" troubles of accounts lockeed,, crafters afk, buffers, character lv4,, Come NCwest,, check the Anti-bot or whatever system,, and make a direct way to support,,, are u doing automated responsed any mail, what we can do?
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