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  1. +10 Bloody Heavy R110 +10 set Dragon ring +3 (lvl2) Fallen Angel ring +10 Maphr Ring +6 Paagrio's Earring +5 B.Valakas necklace +5 Lindvior Earring +7 +5 top grade book Lvl 4 super advanced bracelet +5 top grade kaliel bracelet +5 dragon rind shirt Shillen Soul Crystal lvl 6 GreaterJewels (Tanzanite4/Topaz4/Ruby3/Vital3/Emerald3/Diamond2/Opal1/Obsidian1) Pm me or Leave a mail in game (lBvlgari) Peace out!!!
  2. ahhmm.. you are only 106. what do you expect? i suggest go level more and upgrade gears.
  3. gz!! . i got lucky too yesterday. i opened 55boxes and got fafurion dual sword lvl 2.
  4. Thank you for your suggestions though i did clicking the auto arrange to reset my inventory. I tried right clicking my ring accesories slots hoping it'll pop out on my screen the images of the rings but still nothing. I tried checking my warehouse and even the dim warehouse too still nothing. Tried exchange/trading again to my other toon but nothing on the exchange slots. This is really frustrating because how can this be happening. @Juji i'm hoping you & the team could look into my case. Thank you.
  5. Im hoping also to get back my jewels.Im pretty sure this is server's fault because i got disconnected with my both toons only doing trading and when i log back both jewels were gone.I dont know why and i dont know how i lose my jewels doing trading even when got disconnected from server. Main thing is its my both toons. Not other toons or other players. Thanks for your reply @GhostintheShell.
  6. @Juji I hope you can reach this thread. My issue is i lose my 2 jewels accesories yesterday around 12:05 A.M 09/03/2019 while doing trading on my another account. While i'm trading my +9 baium soul ring and +5 ruler ring of authority to my other account , suddenly both of my toons were disconnected. then when i log back to do the trading again those 2 jewels ring were gone now. I checked each inventory of my toons and still nothing. This is some serious issues. I already submitted 2 petitions on you guys but i don't get any reply yet. Hope you can read this and help me retrieve my 2 jewels.
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