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  1. +10 Bloody Heavy R110 +10 set

    Dragon ring +3 (lvl2)

    Fallen Angel ring +10

    Maphr Ring +6

    Paagrio's Earring +5

    B.Valakas necklace +5

    Lindvior Earring +7

    +5 top grade book

    Lvl 4 super advanced bracelet

    +5 top grade kaliel bracelet

    +5 dragon rind shirt

    Shillen Soul Crystal lvl 6

    GreaterJewels (Tanzanite4/Topaz4/Ruby3/Vital3/Emerald3/Diamond2/Opal1/Obsidian1)

    Pm me or Leave a mail in game (lBvlgari)

    Peace out!!!



  2. 56 minutes ago, Syndra said:

    Long ago same thing happened on my account. I will explain something you can try. Login both accounts and open inventory on both toons you made trade on. On the top right of the inventory window click the reset bottum. Now close the inventory window and re-open it. Maybe your item is listed again cause sometimes it can get bugged. You can also check dimensional trader, warehouse or mail system. Also switch between inventory tabs, reset the window and re-open. Cause 99,9% of the cases the item should still be there. I hope it helped, good luck. ;)

    Thank you for your suggestions though i did clicking the auto arrange to reset my inventory. I tried right clicking my ring accesories slots hoping it'll pop out on my screen the images of the rings but still nothing. I tried checking my warehouse and even the dim warehouse too still nothing. Tried exchange/trading again to my other toon but nothing on the exchange slots. This is really frustrating because how can this be happening.

    @Juji i'm hoping you & the team could look into my case. Thank you.

  3. Im hoping also to get back my jewels.Im pretty sure this is server's fault because i got disconnected with my both toons only doing trading and when i log back both jewels were gone.I dont know why and i dont know how i lose my jewels doing trading even when got disconnected from server. Main thing is its my both toons. Not other toons or other players.

    Thanks for your reply @GhostintheShell.

  4. @Juji I hope you can reach this thread. My issue is i lose my 2 jewels accesories yesterday around 12:05 A.M 09/03/2019 while doing trading on my another account. While i'm trading my +9 baium soul ring and +5 ruler ring of authority to my other account , suddenly both of my toons were disconnected. then when i log back to do the trading again those 2 jewels ring were gone now. I checked each inventory of my toons and still nothing. This is some serious issues. I already submitted 2 petitions on you guys but i don't get any reply yet. Hope you can read this and help me retrieve my 2 jewels.

    Thank you.

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