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  1. I should go back to the server https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hXCuEcPVPM
  2. Actually, I avoided that passive of x5 I always had it and they changed it for the chance of 30% of hp, now what they will do is put the option to use one or the other
  3. mmmmm. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. cancel your subscription and withdraw if you don't like it and spend your money on other things that make you more fun.
  4. do you want to get critical 12 out of 12 every time? LOL
  5. In the core server the nerf was 1 month ago
  6. Stop crying archers, all classes have their advantages and limitations. or do they want a class that is the best in pve, pvp, aoe, single. DONT CRY PPL
  7. @Hime @Juji some information please
  8. The most important the link of that page: D
  9. These dyes could be changed in some way because they really don't work, it could always be done on the Libra network with the rudi, but now I want to know if there is any way that they are not just garbage. thx
  10. Exactamente, quieren meterse en unos meses y igualar a los que jugaron durante años y gastaron mucho dinero,
  11. Won't there be an exp quest on the libra network?
  12. Dojigiri

    For tyrr PVE

    To farm, what is the best option to enchant? Focus, power or break
  13. any know any link for check database, like l2wiki or other
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