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  1. oO wolf is not a shop item ..... they wont give us the quest at all..
  2. plated leather set

    how to get the set, if the mobs who are dropping the linings to craft, or the full item are nonexistent on this server ?
  3. GM Bufs

    instead of logging in, he should do his job, and start to ban this 49k botters on classic server and the massive spam of pony and cat bots, and the adena seller who has 233 bots in ruins of agony on classic server..
  4. ban the bots ... ban the adena sellers, or allow us players to bot too...
  5. PVP / PK system broken

    the whole server, with all this modded , changed p2w crapp should not exist.this crapp has nothing to do with lineage 2, espacaly not with classic .. classic would be harbingers of war ... glad 1.oktober shadowkeep arrives,
  6. letter event questions

    so u wanna show him who is the king in a game right ? well how about this, if u want u can get my real life adress, and u come to me, and we check it out in an enviroment, where it realy matters ?^^
  7. dear support, mods, admins whatever .. how we are supposet to farm spellbooks for a warcryer, if the only 2 mobs in sea of spores who dropping them spawning at places where we cant see them, target them, or even attack them ? is this geodata a bleeping joke ? or java ? or is it realy lineage 2 stuff . ??? https://www.mediafire.com/view/8ht8gflfvm18lnm/Shot00005.jpg/file https://www.mediafire.com/view/8ht8gflfvm18lnm/Shot00005.jpg/file https://www.mediafire.com/view/jgqvwrl4mk10bfe/Shot00003.jpg/file why these are the oinly 2 mobs after all who dropps the most important WC books ......and how we are supposet to get them, if pony bots there farming 24/7 with 1 trillion ponys ? ahh btw, since it seems that some amateuers are running this classic server ...just a reminder, if u change the loot table and dropps. be sure to not bleep it up like with the plated leather gaitairs in cruma 2 .. where u removed the only mob who is dropping them, and the patterns ^^
  8. letter event questions

    sadly the server allows ppl with no brain too ... its verry adult, and grown up to flame, and make jokes about ppl who cant speak english nor even learned it .shows how much of attitude your parent teached u ...none it seems
  9. letter event questions

    @hyperlite erm lol, iam a bit confused now, whats a baium soul ? i guess i have to kill baium to get it right ? if so, then well erm i know i wont kill baium ever, so ^^ anyway thnx for the infos
  10. hi all i have some questions for the letter event. there are some " dropps" as reward i cant figure out, what they are for. so can anyone tell me what this items are for ? : Talisman of Insolence Lv. 6 Shadow Crystal Anakim Rune - Stage 1 Scroll of Darkness thnx for the infos
  11. spellbooks +amuletts

    well yeah , it realy seems they wont ban bots after all.. i made a video from ruins of agony, where u can see how this botter there is running adrenaline bots and how his bots running exact the same time the same pathpoints over and over again, and they didnt ban him after all. i know since old l2 c3 times, that on official botters wont get banned. i reported so many bots on hindemith,teon, and later on naia, noone got banned. this what we have here on classic, is nothing more than a big slap in the players face.but to be honest.i prefer to pay for adena from a adena seller, instead of giving ncsoft my money. if they dont wanna ban bots, ok. the first proof of this we can see at the pk/karma system... if u pk 10 bots, u basicaly can delete your charakter and start a new one. so with this step noone would kill the bots after all, i call this bot protection. i guess in 1 year trhe server is gone anyway. because from 50k players u have 10 aktive and rest are botters.
  12. spellbooks +amuletts

    so iam in sos now for more than 4 days.. almost 24/7 ....i got no spellbook so far, not from a wyrm not from a tree, overall in 4 days of sos, i got mats and adena who are not even close to 0.2x server rates ...this is bullshit .... spellbooks need a higher dropp chance because if they dont dropp u cant play on a propper way your class ..... i cant belive that players , in game, and in the forum are so quiet about this ,and wont say something. i cant even understand they dont act against this botters , and this support with his lame excusions about banning bots...
  13. verification on each log in

    i checked the listed ip at the account settings, there are 5 ips, who are correct and compared to my router settings they fit in the list
  14. VIP status buggy ?

    ok exactly i tested this : i have 1 acc with VIP 2 and one with no vip i made in booth accounts 2 new chars, and played till i got to the ruins of agony quest stepp for the 300 kills.... with vip 2 i got less dropps ( materials like bones stem iron and so on ) as with the 2nd account without VIP what i did not know so far was : that the bonus % of the vip status is shared along the party.but it makes sense . i forgot to make screenshots from the logout reporting window, so i will do the test tomorrow again, and hopefully not forget the screenshots than^^ the XP with and without VIP semms to be correctr since my vip account always got more xp than the one without. just the dropps are realy erm well.. bleeped up^^