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  1. Enchanted Brooch L2 Store

    I'm ok with shots etc since they are useful ingame. This brooch is absolute waste of 1200 coins since just making char leveling quest line (I think bloody swampland one) you get brooch that gives 4 slots. Finding brooch in store you would expect it to be better, but it only gives 3 slots. Thats not banking on ppl lazyness, thats's keeping inferior item in snore for no reason what so ever. Put a better than basic brooch in store or remove it at all.
  2. Hi, can NC soft explain why in L2 store you have Enchanted Brooch for 1200 coin? It is worse then you get for free, but costs real time money. Is it because you are trying to lure ppl money out of then not understanding the game?
  3. Lf exp guide for Feoh

    Blazing is your best option until 102-103 weather you like it or not. After that,next stem is Desert quarry from Gludio, until 105. If I were you I would do lvl 99 dual class (if you don't have it already), get 4 certifications (use fot m atk 13% and m crit rate 5%), lvl up main to 101, lvl up dual 101,certify for m atk +3%, lvl up main 103, lvl up dual 103, certify for one more +3% m atk, lvl up main 105, lvl up dual 105, certify for last +3% m atk.
  4. Elemental Resistance can be used automatically, but is not pt buff, so now you either only use it on yourself, or constantly spam it on pt member since it is not shown on your buffs. Pls fix it asap.