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  1. why we play l2?

    Several years ago, I used to play with some friends on a pirate server. There was a zen like quality that you can only get from grinding xp away on catacombs while you have weird philosophical discussions over teamspeak. I decided to come back to this game over nostalgia, and since I have different friends now, I gave the 'official servers' a try on my own, just because. That was a year ago, before salvation, played for 46ish days, made tyrr gk, paulina ran out, my non enchanted-non sa R95 gear sucked, and there was no way to get gold. So i stopped. I came back 61 or so days ago, made a new character, decided to try a feoh (Over the AoE nostalgia from the Old'en days), Its fun in a way, to get xp and slowly lvl up. And occassionally meet new people from your own country. As long as you ignore the outrageous store promos, and realize that the only way anyone gets money without the l2store is by scamming people. (Look at giran with a fine tooth comb dammit). So, in conclusion, I like to do AoE grinding, I like talking to people over weird game optimization/lack of documentation things, dungeons are new to me and the game feels like it opened up at 99 (Since that's the minimum lvl you get picked up at randoms for decent dungeons and even some epics). Event weapons are a plus ofc, no one will discriminate much against a red emperor staff instead of a R95+4 staff with 1 SA. (And every dungeon will be faster too)
  2. Everyone knows, that people are 'selling' nccoin for adena, this ofc has the risk of scams, so why not take it a step further? make NCCoin an actual in-game item*, not sellable on the AH (So it doesn't become worthless on an open market), not sellable on private stores either, but tradeable between people. You won't be able to stop this 'black market' trading stuff thats currently going on EVER, so why not enable it in a secure way that makes your customers actually feel apreciated? That way people keep doing their own selling of the stuff via chat, and f2p characters are not ENTIRELY locked out of most content. *If this is beyond you for some insane reason, make a new different item that you can 'trade' for NCcoins in a 1:1 capacity thats tradeable instead, same restrictions. **Option 2 is to copy WoW and do the selling for adena yourselves, ergo NCcoin for adena and adena for NCcoin inside of the game. Prices will be determined by an internal algorithm and market, same as WoW. I'm getting tired of seeing ertheia bots on freya, and fake stores advertising adena sales everywhere.
  3. Kamael inspector

    yes, you cannot awaken with it tough. (This might change if enough people whine about it on the KOREAN forums, because nobody has any power here)
  4. Usage of "shared" skills with other players

    Sadly this is a feature of an outdated game. Most mmo avoid this issue nowadays. I have a feoh too, and the only workaround is to use burst immediately after using destruction, and get into a 'rhythm' with the other feohs so you don't screw each other.
  5. Buffer

    Los buffer, o ISS son bien diversos en sabor hoy en dia, su rol principal es buffear y debuffear. Dependerá de tus preferencias/necesidades que será mejor eso si. En cuanto a buffs exclusivos: Spectral Dancer: Warrior lvl 2, Crippling Dance (Basado en p.atk, con varios self buffs acorde) Sword Muse: Wizard lvl 2, Song of Assault, (Basado en p.def, lo mismo) Hierophant: Knight lvl 2, Prophecy of Might (Melee a distancia) Doomcryer*: Cryer harmony (warrior + wiz lvl1), Chant of Bison (Sonatas mas fuertes y cortas) Doominator Buff de clan, aoe debuff especializado (Sonatas mas fuertes y cortas) En cuanto a utilidad: Los sword muse dan mana infinita (max 700 al grupo con 10 seg de cd) a la party y su 'combo' se basa en un self buff de 4-10 seg que aparece despues de usar skill de -atk/-def/charge. (amistoso para cambiar target). (Aoe debuff y recarga de mana requiren combo) El spectral dancer, su combo se basa en un debuff en el enemigo al usar skill de -atk/-def/charge, asiq si hay q cambiar target muy seguido va a pesar. (Aoe debuff requiere combo) Los otros 3 tienen mas facilidad al hacer aoe debuff, ya q tienen acceso a resonant halo (Que transforma sus debuff de -atk y -def en aoe) Para mas detalle reviza el wiki. *Actualmente se puede mezclar las melodys (menos drum) con Chant of Victory y algunos buff de 2do job, Se supone q eso fue/será parchado en el update de Orfen (que nos llega el 22 de agosto a nosotros) para que lo tengas presente.
  6. I know this is old, literally since C4 old, but might as well try it anyway. This game for some bizarre reason changes desktop screen brightness whenever you focus the game window, and if you have more than one game window open the issue compounds itself. The only workaround* is to reset screen/videocard settings when you alt-tab, closing the game does nothing to fix the issue. *There also .ini modification to prevent it enterely but your auto-detect stuff says its cheating. (Zero finesse in that) **You can in fact use the check4game utility (Designed for in L2 EU and L2 classic EU and log on to NCWest servers no problem). This fixes doesn't fix the issue, but it reverts screen brightness back to default settings after a sec or two automatically. Anyone knows any other workarounds?
  7. Questing While on Party

    Worse of all, there are Kill mobs quests that do not give credit to more than one player at a time. (Dunno if this changed in salvation, but I remember the fairy kill quest not giving credit to everyone last year). We need consistency, and also incentives to actually do stuff in partys. The core of this game is the social aspect, not the 14 year old graphics, and certainly not the VISA pvp.
  8. I've participated in a few random field raids partys in my time, and i must say its really one of the best parts of this game. The opportunity to meet new people alone makes it worth it. To prevent the 2 ubers from killing all of the raid bosses on spawn and lock everyone else out of the content, I suggest two things: 1. Add a cooldown not to the raid boss spawn, but to the players themselves, making them unable to get loot/xp from the same raid boss more often than once a week or so. 2. Reduce the re-spawn timer of all raid bosses to 2-3 hours or so. This ofc does nothing to prevent some one running a farm 24/7 with 20 ubers, but at the very least we'll have the chance to actually kill stuff making random partys.(Actually seeing groups instead of only shops on LFG would also be nice). As a side effect of this change, every single piece of low lvl gear will go down in price. Making the progression towards R99 easier and reactivating the economy.